In 1858, Britian amalgamated different countries of divergent and opposing values into one gaint artificially created country which was known as the British India. They did this just for their own administrative convenience and interests. They didn't care about the interest and convenience of the Indigenous people over there. But, in 1947, the British India got her independence as two different countries - Parkistan and India, though at a very huge cost of Indian and Pakistani lives. India annexed their fellow Indians who were removed from them as 'French India and Spanish India'. The British empire was finally kicked out of that part of the world for good.

In 1922, the British empire obtained a madate from the League of Nations to rule over Palestinian. In 1938, the British empire, through a unilateral policy (known as the White Paper of 1939) construed to subdue the Jews to live in perpetual bondage and servitude (in their own land) to the Arabs. This British policy started the Jewish resistance against the British rule in Palestine. Finally, the British empire was kicked out of Palestine and today, Israel is a free and a very powerful nation.

In the 1890s, the British empire started the proces of conquering and colonising Sudan which they ruled separately as North and South Sudan. In 1956, the British empire, without consulting South Sudan, amalgamated them with the North and literally handed over South Sudan to the Janjaweed North. The Southern Sudanese saw this as a complete insult and betrayal from the Brotish empire. They revolted and that started the first Sudanese war which lasted for 17 years. After this war, they fought another war for 22 years which finally led to their independence from the Janjaweed north. They are today a free country after so much pains and sacrifices which the British empire made them pass through.

In 1914, the British empire amalgamated the incompatible North and Southern protectorate into a very gaint African zoo called Ni.g.eria.
This was done to continue causing eternal frictions so that the British empire will be looting and stealing the bountiful natural resources in the Southern part, mostly Biafra.
The British empire instigated the large scale killing of Biafrans in 1966 by using their radio, BBC, to label the 1966 Nigeria military coup as an 'Igbo coup'. Britian gave it an ethnic colouration. This also triggered the Biafra genocidal war which was directly sponsored by the British empire. More than 6 million Biafrans lost their lives.

The British empire forced Biafrans to continue living under the bondage of the So.koto Caliphate till date. This British oppression of Biafrans is still consuming hundreds and thousands of Biafran lives daily while the British empire continues looting and stealing our natural resources.

The British empire slaughtered hundreds of thousand of Kenyans for revolting against their evil colonisation.

The British empire always leaves trails of innocent blood and complete devastation everywhere they go and most of the British citizens are ignorant of these facts.

How can I cry when the leading figure of my oppressors pass away?

Biafra MUST be free from the British subjugation and oppression.

By mazi Chinedu.

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