Ifewara is a town located some kilometers away from Ile-Ife where human race is believed to have emanated according to the Yoruba mythology. Ifewara is between Ijesha and Ile-ife. History has it that the village has been in existence since 1500AD.
It is noteworthy that the village duplicate the culture, festivals and chieftaincy titles of Ile-Ife. The duplication comes as a result of migration of some royal members from Ile-Ife to the present place called Ifewara.
This people migrated due to conflict between two royal members that were vying for the throne of Ile-Ife. The elder between the two conflicting royal brothers ought to become the king as custom demands but his younger brother outsmarted him to emerged as the Ooni of Ife.
The incident led to the break away of the elder brother, his sympathizers and some king-makers from Ile-Ife to re-established the culture, styles and chieftaincy positions in Ile-Ife at Ifewara. Chieftaincy titles like Obalufe, Obaloran, Obajio, and so on are vivid examples of titles in Ile-Ife that are also in Ifewara till date.
In addition, festivals like: Odun Orungbin, Odun Edi, Odun Olojo, Odun Obatala, Odun Obalufe, Oran Ife, Odun Oro, Odun Egun and so on, are replication of festivals in Ile-Ife.
The town is known for its local food called 'Iyan Gbere' which is known as breadfruit. It is very healthy for consumption. The food is gotten from a fruit and it flesh can be eaten. It can also be pounded as its name described: 'Iyan Gbere' - Iyan Gbere means pounded breadfruit- The food is believed to be good for diabetics cure and it easily digest.
Although, the village is not prominent, but produce great people in society and the nation at large. Among notable persons are Pastor E.A Adeboye, general overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, present DG of NAFDAC, Prof. Modupe Adeyeye, Olu Fajemirokun, juju musician; Bolaji Akinyemi, former foreign affairs minister; Bishop Fatunase, Founder of Salem Church; Bisi Adeyemo, former Union Bank manager; Agoade Adetoba, former National Bank manager; Babatunde Komolafe, currently representing Atakumosa West in Osun State House of Assembly and Justice Olagbaju, among several other notable personalities.
With other modern infrastructures like a private polythenic called Southern Nigeria Institute of Innovative Technology (SNIIT), Redeemed prayer city, Mount Camel, police college and so on, the town is highly competing with other bigger towns. Ifewara is a great town with rich culture and loving people. I am a proud indigene of Ifewara!

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