Kano 1945 - Over 200 killed

Jos 1953 - over 150 killed

1966 - over 50, 000 killed

1967-70 - over 2 million women and Children killed in genocidal war.

Jos in 1945- Over 2000 killed

Kano genocide 1954 over 30,000 Igbos killed

Kano 1980 - over 1000 Igbos were killed

Maiduguiri 1982 - 1983 over 500 Igbos were killed

In 1984-1991 more than 1500 Igbos where killed.


It is imperative to correct false propaganda making rounds in an attempt by every successive government in Nigeria to cover up this genocide. In 1953, when NIgeria Independent loomed, Ahmadu Bello, the founder of Gamji said: "We cannot fight to dispense of white masters only to be ruled by new black masters called Igbo. Even here in the North, they run the post offices, railways, civil service and they have taken up all the shops we create. Call them Igbo, but you can also call them Zionists, but we shall not relinquish the estate of our fathers to such wretched people who have never had an administration before." Source: 1968: the year that shook the world, by Walter Schultz.

In 1964, Major Gibson Jalo, after downing a bottle or two at the Kachia Barracks mess, moaned: "we are captives to this Igbos. We can never enjoy our new nation until we chase every single Igbo man out the North. For long, we had cried that these vermins, Igbo, must be removed from our soil. Now we have seen the result of our negligence. A new opportunity of reducing the population is here (the war)." Source: Last days of Biafra, by A. Madiebo. There are more. As a mere local Major, but substantive Captain, your boss, Sani Abacha strode into the Air Force Base Mess in 1966 and shouted at Col Jubrin, Air Force Commander: "It is our duty to teach the Igbos a final lesson and they will never leave their regions any more." Source: Last Flight, by A Okpe. Same Abacha implemented a PTF roguery repair of roads that gave the South East a mere 4 per cent when North West had 89 per cent, North East 92 per cent, North Central 72 per cent, South West 39 per cent and South South 35 per cent.

Through the regimes, virtually every airport in the North, including the one-week a flight Sokoto Air Port, are all international airports. When it was proposed to developed the Oguta Gulf as the best possible sea sanctuary for Europe bound vessels, Abacha flatly rejected it and drifted in his insane style to plans to dredge the Niger up to Bussa, which he never did. Do you remember the 'nya nya iska ni' episode in Kano. After the Kano killings and burning of Igbo business outfits, 1991, Kano princes tried to indoctrinate the almajiris on a pre-stated plea of ignorance of what they were doing. Those words meant, 'they did not know what they were doing'. It was Justice Ugwudike who queried it: 'who are 'they' for the almajiri who was speaking for himself. When pressed by an aggressive lawyer, he admitted that it was what he was told to say. I can go on and on. And now our president have threatened Igbo Nation.

Is it not idiotic to hold the opinion that Ndi Igbo would be better in Nigeria as a country? The only experience comparable to Igbo experience in Nigeria is the Jews holocaust. It would be foolish to ask Jews to stay and live in Germany because their lives would be better since Germany has been exorcised of Nazist. We have had our holocaust, we have experienced genocide of immense proportion executed with wicked intent, we have experienced starvation comparable only to the gas chamber. Why is the world still silent?

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