I have dedicated extensive times of mine to educate us on what psychological operations are. Those of us who are privy to being here in this space can attest to that very fact. IPOB is known amongst intelligence agencies of the world as the genuine fighters for Biafran Restoration Project. These agencies know this because of secret moves to undermine IPOB through monetary inducements in order to halt the struggle which failed. Even currently, the same methods are melted on the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, but that also is failing apart.

The leadership was once approached by the leaders of the infiltrators to carry out mutiny, that request was rebuffed by those of them in the DOS. While these were happening, these global intelligence agencies in their synergy with the local ones, were busy sponsoring some elements to float and recruit criminals with the sole aim of portraying the hard earned image of IPOB down. They tell you not to mind "if the world tag you terrorists" but the same people were peeing in their inner wears while facing a petition in finis police. They don't want to boldly accept the accusations against them but deceptively advise you not to mind if IPOB is tagged by terrorists by the world Government and you echoed "WOTOWOTO" in stupidity.

Below 👇 is the pictures of camps of these criminals working hard to daint the hallowed name of IPOB & ESN. Just read their insignia and its wordies, it is said "BIAFRAN ARMY" but the lazy Nigerian journalists and media houses under the heavy payment of their international funders will call the "IPOB and ESN". The project is to have the criminals commit crimes against even their own people while the corrupt media tagged it IPOB.

The reason for this is to get the people build up resentments against IPOB to whom the state and her global partners are aware fights genuinely. Ekpa is at the fore front of that criminal contract and check his modus operandi, it falls in line with the Orji whose camp was invaded by the Army. Look at the pictures and tell me if any sensible person would associate with rag tag elements of this nature. You can imagine the toutish & piggery displays that these criminals are associating with the noble course.


The game is to mock the struggle & make it an affairs of jokers & unserious elements. Ekpa comes online to dance half naked, share nude photos & brag endlessly which some gullible ones tagged it unconscious without knowing that everything is geared towards downplaying the severity of the struggle. He deliberating does that to scare away serious countries that might advocate for the highly abused Biafrans. Also, he wants to also make sure personalities of Biafran extractions don't get themselves associated with unserious journey.

These is what both Ekpa, Orji and co are contracted to do. It is called PsychOps. Very dangerous than open manipulations. Have you not wondered why MNK floated a "Security Network", the moles are floating so-called "Biafran Army" of six boys. All are geared towards weakening your mind as they turn the struggle as a joke.

Finally, these elements somehow have also helped in filtering from IPOB, idiots who would have messed up alot of things. That is how God have unturned the whole stuffs. As it stands now, the moles are identified and circled at a point including the one spying the legal team. Information is now secured, strategies not divulged carelessly and results are lining up.

MNK's case is fast approaching at the supreme court, the Nigerian state is intensifying Nollywood movies just to blackmail MNK. The recruited urchins will be on the rampage just to do the bid of their contractors.
No one should expect the highly corrupt Nigerian media to be objective. Never! Remember, even the journalists in Nigeria are also hungry & are facing same hardship. So therefore, with ₦50,000, they can write ✍️ the goodness of satan


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