How It Might Look Like In Years To Come If We Don't Take Time

How It Might Look Like In Years To Come If We Don't Take Time
Location : ALANDU Secondary School Urualla
Teacher : Good Morning Students!
Good Morning Teacher, chorused the students.
Today's date is January 15th, 2090, and what am going to be teaching you guys today is History.
The Fulani Conquest Of Igbo Land
It was in the year 2020, during the reign of the second Mandi of the North, Mohammadu Buhari.
The liberal Igbo group led by the governors accepted that the only solution for Herders Farmers crisis is to give Fulani herdsmen a grazing reserve.
This was confronted by a group known as IPOB, led by His Excellency Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of Blessed Memory. They stood against it, stating that it is a ploy for the Fulani to takeover Igbo land. They were called all sorts of names, including miscreants and jobless people.
The grazing reserves was given to the Fulani in all states occupied by the Igbos. Within time they started spreading into almost all local government areas. They invited hundreds of thousands of their Fulani people across Africa to occupy Igbo land. Within the space of 10 years, they waged war against the Igbo and took over the political structure of the Igbo land.
That's why we today have Igbo - Fulani. I am certain that with time, the conquest will be complete.
Students, remember that this history is forbidden by the ruling President of the Islamic Republic Of NIGERIA.
Thank you class for your understanding...
Good bye class...
The Teacher got arrested after the class.
Is this the Future we want?

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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