Please read carefully and trend. Ekperima is a crimi-nal 👇👇

Sen. Ahmed Tinubu’s last wish is that he becomes the President of Nigeria. He is ready to do anything to realize this contrary to the advice by his doctors.

He has told the members of his inner circle that funding is not the problem. He also told them that Alhaji Abubakar Atiku is also not his problem. One problem that is causing him sleepless nights, according to him is the Peter Obi factor. He said if left unchecked, he would surprise everybody as he was surprising them now.

One of Tinubu’s last move was the engagement of Simon Ekpa to destabilize the South-East region. For this, Tinubu through his agents met with Ekpa in London and handed him over the first payment of  million dollars. The payment of the remaning  million Dollars will depend on how effective he is.

Ekpa has reached to his collaborators, they are re-grouping now.

Their major target is Labour Party and the South-East. The strategy is to camp his guys between Enugu and Ebonyi states from where they would attack security formations and people garthered for meetings.

A few weeks to the election, they will start announcing no election and tell the electorate to stay at home or risk death if they come out for voting.

The DSS is aware of the plot. Though they have reported, but Abuja is yet to act.

ME: Biafrans should blow this hot on our different platforms. Ekperima is a crimi-nal

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