• Only an agent will attack IPOB finance he never contributed a dime into.
  • Only a Nigerian agent will unleash war against IPOB media warriors and her indomitable leadership to the extent of wasting time trying to pull all down.
  • Only a Nigerian agent will tamper or meddle in the affairs of ESN against every warning and instructions given by our great leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanụ never to indulge in such. Of course, only Nigeria government love to see that ESN chain of command structure is corrupted or compromised.
  • Only a Nigerian agent won't appreciate the clarion call made by UN for the release of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. They won't also like the victory our leader secured in Umuahia court.
  • Only a Nigerian agent will speak bad about the overwhelming impact of IPOB lobbying groups. Nigeria was always defeated on international stage, thanks to the amazing strength of IPOB lobbying groups.
  • Only a Nigerian agent will recruit criminals in the name of ESN but never call them autopilot he claim to now be and use them for criminality in Biafra land that always attract Nigerían military onslaught against our helpless people at home.
  • Only a Nigerian agent will always boast of Autopilot in his broadcast but never uses the same name "autopilot" to issue his press release instead he turned to use IPOB. This will tell you the particular Biafran group the government really want to destroy its reputation.
  • Only a Nigerian agent will want to render our leader powerless and vulnerable while he still in captivity were by trying to give the world the impression that our leader no longer have control over IPOB he lead. This Happened when they said "we will no longer obey any order from anyone in DSS"
  • Only a Nigerian agent wants radio Biafra to be deserted and lose efficiency if not closed down, reason why some of them opened another radio.
  • Only a Nigerian agent want Biafrans to be massacred unprepared reason why they keep threatening fire and brimstone against Nigerian forces when they have nothing to defend Biafran population from military bullets and bombs. They forgot that our eternal leader, the people's General failed to defeat Nigeria in an open war despite all the military might of the Eastern region. They also forget that our leader said that he will get Biafra without shooting a gun against the Nigerian state. Not against Fulanii terrorists oo but open declared war against Nigerian state. mind you.
  • Only a Nigerian agent will continously raise funds for ESN he knew nothing about nor command thereby weakening the support for the originally established ESN by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Comrades, please add yours in the comment section.
Written by
Chukwudi Nwachineke
11 08 2022.

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