Hypocrisy Of The One NigerĂ­a Supporters

I remember the outcries in this media space when the news of yul edochie impregnating another woman broke out, many carried the news as if that was the worse sin to commit by humans. But the same people have remained silent over the murder of youths. An adult taking a follow adult to bed and putting her in a family way is worth condemning but talking about about death of people is nothing to them. Where are all these people today in a matter that concerns lost of human lives? Where is their outcry?

Our people derive joy in unnecessary things and waste their time over frivolous issues instead of that which matters. Who would've believed that social media will be this quiet over the extrajudicial murder of 14 young people? Who would have believed that many will lose their voices on pressing issues like this?

Fo-olish otellectuals who take glory in the murder of the innocent people. What of those shouting onye gburu nwanne ya aburo odogwu? Or do they remember that phrase when they want to blackmail IPOB? Are you lots still waiting for them to mention IPOB before you can react? You all have suddenly lost your us-eless vile voices and inks at a time your writing prowess are needed. What a wicked hypocrites.

Keep in mind that you are nothing less than the heartless politicians you all serve. As the saying goes, you will always become like those you worship, and the wrath and fury of the people will catch up with you lots on a good day.


Written by Chukwudi Samuel

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