I Am A Patriotic Nigerian

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

Some said that PVC is the answer, so go get your PVC they scream. Some think it's being politically correct that will save the day. I wrote about the silent and loud jihad going on in the country and one politically correct shameless man came to caution me. The dude said that my 'rubbish' post has caused somebody to call for killing. He never cared that more than 200 died in the hands of Fulani Muslims in Jos. He never cared that close to a thousand people were killed in Agatu and Fulani herdsmen claimed responsibility in a National television, without the government blinking an eye. When Benue government was massively burying their own in mass graves in quick succession, this man lost his voice. Even the herdsmen killings in Enugu didn't perturb him. Suddenly, he recovered his voice over a warning post I made that is capable of averting genocide.

Any man in Nigeria today that is still patriotic to Nigeria is a thief. It's either that he is stealing already, or his own is doing the stealing, or that he is warming up to join the next team of thieves masquerading as political office holders, or more still an ignorant man.

If I may ask, what are you even proud of? What do you gain being a Nigerian? You have a President that deployed military against IPOB members for waving Biafra flags in a peaceful procession, but called for prayers against a deadly Fulani herdsmen who have killed thousands of Nigerians. Every year you are presented with a budget, at times the budget get signed in the sixth or 8th month. No body cares if the projects therein was carried out, but yet new budget will come next year and money squandered. What are you actually patriotic about? Can I hear you say it?

Is it not your Senators that go home with close to 13million Naira monthly when a graduate on National Youth Service goes home with a paltry 19,800? What of the allowances they go home with? And then they gift themselves millions in the name of constituency project and you are in your dirty rat infested apartment screaming I AM A NIGERIAN, I AM PATRIOTIC! Nonsense!

The judiciary? Educated thieves who find their way into the Court, doing the dirty wills of the government. Is it not the same government that appointed them. They on daily basis shine with poor helpless people, sending them to jail and to the hang man's rope. Who do you want to deal with? Do you have your money? You can jail any poor person of your choice. A complete survival of the fittest.

Bail is free, yet Nigerians pay 100k, 200k and even 500k to bail themselves from police. They shamelessly stay on Nigeria roads collecting thousands. Get your money at hand and you can carry human head across Nigeria. SARS keep killing innocent people picked up in drinking bars. They waste young people and sell their parts. What are you proud of I dare ask.

A government can end more than three hundred thousand people's means of livelihood without blinking an eye. They give order that Okada will stop in three months time and keke to follow in four months, and you placed absolutely nothing on ground for them. A defeated people will tell the affected people to go and find themselves another thing to do. They are completely removed from what a government owe to them

Your Children in the Universities are made to pay for hotel rooms by their lecturers, where they have carnal knowledge of them for marks. You can't get a job unless you have somebody or you bribe your way inside. Politicians reserves the best jobs for their children. And you are patriotic.

They are patriotic citizens. The government is not providing housing, no water, no light, no good roads and hospitals. No grant for education. Schools are dilapidated. You pay for your security, yet they collect unaccounted security votes from the treasury. PHCN will give you an exorbitant estimated bills, force you to pay even when there is no electricity. They are not building industries of any sort, they just share oil money, then come back to the state to mount thugs who extort money from the masses, calling it internally generated revenue. Life is not easy in Nigeria, they struggle, smile, joke, have sex and pray.

Are you even safe in the hands of greedy political pastors in Nigeria? They work hand in glove with the government who meets them at night. They tell you how you should not fornicate in a Nigeria that government officials are stealing billions on daily basis. Where death is everyday thing. Hundreds die in one night. Road accidents resulting to bad roads kill millions. The big pastors who can afford medical treatment abroad tells you to pray and hope on God. That's when the same God has gifted the world with medications. They speak for politicians for monetary gain. BUHARI IS THE MESSIAH they will scream into their loud speakers for the consumption of the gullible ones. You overlook the poor and beggars around you to pay them huge tithes, which they use in building schools that are beyond the reach of the poor. With your money they buy and maintain their private jets. Even corrupt politicians hide their loots in the Church. In all these they preach patience for you. You are told to hand everything to God. You are even told to obey constituted authorities. Same authorities stealing you dry. The truth is that they know too well that a nation of chaos like Nigeria will always send you to a Church. The funny thing is that most of these pastors shares same secret evil societies with these politicians.

Nothing is working in Nigeria yet you are forming patriotism. Some youths they promised appointments and they started dishing out fine coated lies to the people. Some are given ordinary data, and they are happy. Youths in their 30s and 40s. What a shame. Is it not why they colluded with network providers to make sure 1000 Naira data finishes in one week. They want us out of internet.

PVC finally has become ATM card that can fetch you 4000k in four years, and yet you go around singing GO GET YOUR PVC. Where on earth have PVC removed a TYRANT? Where? President Buhari made his kinsman INEC Chairman. He made sure his brothers are heading the entire security apparatuses in Nigeria. They are ready to bring him back again and you shamelessly shout PVC.

At times I wonder if it's as a result of ignorance that people claim patriotic to Nigeria, or is it a question of a defeated people.

Hear it from me now, in a sane country, the masses supposed to have matched not just against this government alone, but against all Nigeria politicians. This is not just a protest match, but a situation where all citizens will arm themselves and teach them how insecure Nigeria is. Visit them and know the type of prayer they will call this time. But alas Nigeria is not a sane country.

One day, the Nigeria you see today will cease to be. It doesn't matter what you believe in.

Hopeless patriotic NigerĂ­ans.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2018.

I haven't changed the views I shared here. When I told them PVC can't remove a tyrant they called me names.

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