I am not cut out for nonsense.

The issue concerning Mr Ekpa has proven to me that our people's mentality were destroyed by Nigeria. If not why should people still take Mr Ekpa serious?

For the past 8 months I stood on this social media to tell people that Mr Ekpa is a dubious liar without integrity. People came up against me, calling me all sorts of names. Some say I am envious, while some said I am poor and hungry. What did I do? I just pitied them.

Let me say it here that I Elochukwu Ohagi have the talent to be super rich in a dubious country like Nigeria. Just that I decided to use it for the liberation of our people. I rejected the table of the politicians that are capable of making me rich to do the work of God. That's why idiots that had their brain destroyed by Nigeria education system came to talk trash. But this is not the reason for this write up.

Simon came with expositions... There is nothing he said that MNK and IPOB media warriors have not said all these years, but he was able to fool lots of people. This man went against every single IPOB principles, and people that said they want a country different from the nonsense called one Nigeria kept supporting him.

This criminal who has nothing to do with ESN kept doing ESN fundraising. He proclaimed how he will destroy IPOB leadership and IPOB in general. He tried to tarnish the image of ESN. His rhetoric's gave those that recruited him the opportunity to kịll our people and say IPOB did it. This man kept lying up and down and some people are defending him.

On this page I told people that infiltrators are not your comrade. I told you that every supporter of Mr Ekpa should be seen as an Enemy of the struggle. It doesn't matter if he is ignorant or not. He or she must be declared as an enemy.

Reason is because he is supporting a man that was recruited by the politicians to kịll Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, destroy IPOB and they ended up causing the death of many of our people. They marked many people out for kịll. They have innocent blood on their hands. So every of his supporters are his accomplices, and without them, Ekpa wouldn't have done what he did.

So you guys are telling me that for the past 11 months, Mr Ekpa knew Nelly Offorgbu sold out Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and kept quiet. So he knew it was her and yet he not only supported her till yesterday, he said that Nelly Offoregbu is him and he is Nelly Offoregbu? Since when did Mr Ekpa knew Nelly was involved and kept quiet?

For the past 9 months, these two have been working together, trying to destroy IPOB. They managed to fool you idiots that they are working for the release of MNK. They talked tough and tried to blackmail us who were calling for restraint. They lied against IPOB leadership and made some of you idiots to start insulting IPOB leadership. They planned to push you into terrorisms, and when they failed, they started killings our people as to blackmail IPOB. They did this together with Nigeria agents.

You must beware of the game they are playing. They are about to play on you yet again. You must start asking necessary questions. If Ekpa is Nelly and Nelly is Ekpa. If they have been working together until yesterday, then they knew each other very well. They are together and worked together.

Don't forget that before he called Nelly a double agent, I have since last year called both of them double agents. They were recruited to infiltrate IPOB.
Anyone still following them, even if they are someone you hold in high esteem, please regard him as an enemy. He is a supporter of lies, evil and destruction of our freedom.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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