I Expect Those Recruited By Politicians To Declare Politicians Their Friends

The Nigería establishment has never kîlled Biafrans without Igbo politician and leaders aiding them.

IPOB members were only protesting peacefully in the streets of Onitsha, head Bridge to be precise and they were gunned down by trigger happy Nigería military and police. No governor, senator, Ohaneze, traditional rulers, religious leader condemned it except Abaribe.

Right there in a community school in Aba, IPOB members gathered to pray, and a combined team of police and military surrounded them, shooting at them. That day alone, many young men fell to death and their young eyes closed and never opened again. Their death was facilitated by Igbo politicians. Right before them, their youths became endangered and they did nothing.

At Nkpor, IPOB members had gathered in a Catholic Church. They slept there waiting for their next day peaceful protest. They were unarmed. The Nigería security came in the night and kîlled hundreds of them. It was a bath of blood that night, and the sands of that church drank the blood of our youths to its full. Again, it came without condemnation from Igbo politicians and leaders. This only mean they are fully in support.

In 2017, after the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB members were organising rally all over the East. It was a peaceful gathering. The amount of youths coming out to grace this gathering made Igbo politicians to be afraid. These politicians, including traditional rulers and church leaders gathered in Enugu. Right there in their meeting they agreed to come and kîll their youths. Python Dance they called it. Right before us, about 3 different python dance operations happened, and many souls went with it. One of such nearly kîlled Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. 28th IPOB members, including MNK's cousin died on that day. It was a festival of blood. Blood of innocent Igbo youths. In many parts of Igbo land, decomposing bodies of Igbo youths were seen.

Some youths travelling to Umuahia were caught by Nigería soldiers and forced to drink dirty stagnant waters. One died on the spot and many died after that event. The video is still hanging in the Internet.

At Emene, Enugu state, IPOB members gathered for prayer meeting and were attacked by Nigería security, including DSS. Many youths were kîlled. And the kîllers blamed it on IPOB.

Soldiers have invaded many Igbo communities kîlling Igbo youths simply because some unknown Gunmen attacked military checkpoint close to such communities. In all these attacks, you will hear nothing but support for the kîllers from Igbo politicians. But we have seen the military being attacked in the North and West without the military attacking villages close or nearby.

Right in Obigbo, governor of Rivers state sent military and they invaded the community and murdered many families. There was a young single mother that was kîlled, together with a nurse that came to treat her. She was kîlled in front of her two little daughters. Can you imagine such barbarity. Many people kidnapped from Obigbo are still in detention facilities in the North without trial.

It is quite unfortunate that some people now sing the ugly tune that politicians are their friends. Probably, they did not lose a brother or sister, they don't know what it means to be in prison or detention for 3 years without trial. So why can't they declare politicians their friends. After all it is only normal for those recruited by politicians to make politicians their friends. They are returning home and they want to make it smooth for themselves.

I hope IPOB like they did to Governor Wike, will drag all the governors that have the blood of Igbo youths in their hands to ICC.

Igbo politicians must be dethroned. Biafra must not be led by them, unless we want something worse than Nigería.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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