If you want a change, be ready to fight. Even when you get your freedom from the Fulani, be ready to confront their slaves back home.
They won’t easily give up. They will want to return all of us back to the status quo. This type of people gain in corruption and underdevelopment.
This is exactly why states that got freedom always go into internal civil war. It is a war between good and evil. A war between genuine freedom fighters and saboteurs. Those who have been profiting out of the suffering of their own people. Men that lived their lives in eternal shameful worship of politicians raping their own people.
If you don’t want the world to say ……..they have gotten freedom, and yet they are now worse, you must be ready to fight. It is better for freedom to take longer, than follow a short cut, lighted by selfish politicians, who will return you back to Egypt.
I believe Mazi Nwabueze Nwagbo when he said that not all that support IPOB cares about Biafra freedom. Many of them sees you as a means of opposition. They fear to confront the tyrant, so they need your courage to give him a fight. Just as few Igbo Buharists supported your boycott. They saw it as a means to enthrone Buhari, while for you it is a total rejection of Nigeria and all it stands for. Exactly why they came after you when it was called off by IPOB leader.
Don’t quickly forget 2019. They will pretend to be doing it for Ala Igbo. They will pretend that their actions are genuine, but it is not. It is for their selfish gain. Most of them have gradually returned back, waiting for 2023 to come. Then you will see their true color.
The mentality we have today isn’t something needed for proper development. They are seriously accusing you of insults and you are buying it. Believe me, it is better to insult brothers, pressure them to fall in line, than gathering in a fighting filed tomorrow to kill and slaughter each other. It is better to fight it off in this social Media verbally, than spill the blood of brothers tomorrow.
You see all these praise singers of politicians? They are a problem to our freedom. Most of them don’t care if the politicians they are praising are performing or not. They are tools in the hands of the politicians. They have prize tag and will always be bought. They have no integrity.
Those that tell you to woo them before they can join the struggle are also insincere. Tell me why someone should want to be wooed on top what is happening in Nigeria today. Are they not seeing the killings, the corruption, the rigging, the injustices, the vote buying, the police extortion, the Islamization, the evil constitution, the marginalization, the land grabbing, the beheading, the kidnapping, and the support for terrorists. Are they not seeing it?
Believe me when I say it. They don’t just need to accept to join. They have to agree to the principles of the freedom you seek. You don’t need all to agree before freedom can come, you only need majority. And believe me, you are already in the majority.
But how exactly do you think change can come peacefully? This is why many are innocent, but in jail. That it why 28 men were murdered inside The Royal House in Afaraukwu. They didn’t think twice to desecrate a sacred Royal Home in Igbo land. Something that can’t happen in the North. Have you seen soldiers or police go into an Emirs’ palace to arrest someone? Yet these people am talking about defended the actions of the janjaweed Nigeria soldiers. They said they are intellectuals.
In their defense they said IPOB members killed themselves.
Some said IPOB committed a terror act to protest peacefully. Others justified the proscribing of IPOB by South East leaders and the subsequent tagging of IPOB as terrorist group by a government that supports real terrorists. All were all justified! They did it for their political masters. They knew their principals were wrong, yet they justified their actions against humanity. They will do it again and again. That’s exactly why you must always confront them.
If you want us to have peace and not slip into war even after our freedom, you should come to the realization that there is no much difference between our external enemies and internal ones.
It is better to jaw-jaw our internal foes today, than war-war them tomorrow.
Elochukwu Ohagi is a Philosopher, Teacher and Activist
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