Igbanke screen of work:.NWAOBU Iyi.

Time of history flash back. And O'umu Igbo-Akiri, He gave birth to son call Ntor. In 'onu Igbanke we call it Nwan Ntor.It happens that a stranger's passed in the land. He committed calamities, evils. Abomination. (Aro).Ntor was forced to become king (Eze).which at this' time,the passby have know name to any king. And the land give the name EZE. The moon, the sun,rain, star,begins to shine and rainbow. Movement start. The movement was ndi Obigba and then call it Obigba.which means the Olor obi.and boundary,then don't use Eze. Why because then fully knows that they father was answering Eze. Once you comes out from Ozu ekpepeh,or from Ebuo Ato..3 junction. You will see they palace. If the road was cleared well..from they then created Ake..today you hear Ake le Obigba. Wu ohu..And others begin to form Idumuodin, to OLIGIE, to Otta..from they people begin to go out. Don't forget they're ndi Idumuiru. Those once are IGBO-NTOR..Idumuiru to Omulua. Today then miss spell it to.Omolua...To please they traitors. So you that go university and call yourself educationist..And call useIf professor Nwaokwu egbu onu.And Bishop nwa-akpi..to politician Nwa-ewu.to Barrister Nwa-aturu..kindly use this illustration and tell me where you come. Remember from sun to water side..from side to raising sun again. And remember, there is people that flow out Igbo-ntor and omolua mostly. To form Onu Iyi and to Oghada again. All na Olu or onu asusu Igbanke. Na him them dey speak....That Enogie Igbanke traitor name.Is Eze-ndi enogie...all together. It's call Ezeenogie.So from there you get Igbank wu Ali Eze, Igbanke wu Nmmuo, Igbanke wu Ofor nmmuo, Igbanke wu Iken Mkpuru Ogwo ,,Igbanke WU Iyi,Igbanke Wu onye, Igbanke wu ishi mmiri,Igbanke WU umu Igwe.Igbanke wu Odogwu..Igbanke first..State by EZE-OKEOSISI Igbanke-Igbo-ntor
Ancient kingdom.
How can someone, I senior born me.if not one Nigeria.

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