Igbo Politicians About Transforming Into Worse Enemies Of The People

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

It is normal to think that the politicians shouting insecurity today want the good of Igbo land. It is also easy to believe that the frontline 'otelectuals' who are raising accusing fingers against IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi kanu of being behind the kịllings going on in Igbo land. That's because they do all these things with the pretence of love for the land. So people can easily be fooled.

But I am not fooled. Since all these things started, I have read posts from these people that suggest genocide. And when you look at it properly, you will understand that these people are evil men and women, with zero care for the people.

I read an otelectual suggest that Soludo should ask every one to vacate and bo-mb EVERYWHERE. I read another that said for Igbo land to have peace all IPOB members must be wiped off. Another said that both soludo and Hope should learn from Gov Wike. Recall that Wike during #endsars protest have used the military to invade Obigbo kịlling more than 500 people, imprisoned many without trial and so many of the female victims raped. Even care is not taken, they will soon tell Buhari to replicate what he did right there at Lekki Tollgate during #endsars.

Probably, these otelectual is in Lagos, Abuja or outside Nigerịa and not in South East. So he is sure that the bom-bing, the extrajudicial kịlling, or the raping of innocent women he or she is calling for will never touch him or her. The same person who is crying that unknown gun men are kịlling people, destroying properties and infrastructure, now support an aerial bombing of entire community. He is against unknown gunmen, but wants the government to sink the community with bombs. So I want to ask an otelectual this question. After the sinking of the community, where will the people return to?

You from Rivers echoing this nonsense should also show me where you called for the sinking of militants with bombs. You Yor-uba talking nonsense, should show me where you suggested Wike style against Badoo boys kịlling everyone in Yoruba land. But because we have idiiots masquerading as Ig:bo otelectuals, you now sing nonsense on how people should be kịlled with bo-mbs. Tell me, do you have the book of register of IPOB members? How are you sure that those that they will be kịlled by your murderous Nigerịa soldiers won't be your brothers and sisters? Do they write IPOB on anyone's face? By the way, what has IPOB done to deserve the call for genocide on them?

Crịminals and devils. You think you guys are too smart to fool everyone. During the war, you attacked the people of Akwaibom and other costal Biafrans disguised as Igbo people. Till today, many people from there believed the Igbo kịlled them to take over their land during the war. Today they detest the Igbo and believe the Igbo mean no well for them.

That's same game you politicians want to play on the Igbo people 50 years after you used it against our people. You unleashed terror on them, and when such happens you run to social media to accuse IPOB. You all have become the police and the military at the same time. You now kịll your follow politicians to blackmail IPOB. And I see your blackmail growing bigger within days and months. I see you politicians attacking churches and markets soon to as usual blackmail IPOB. That's because you guys are wicked and evil. You are ready to open fire in a church or market kịlling hundreds of our people, just to blackmail IPOB.

The truth is that you can only fool the fools and gullible among us. This is the time for the people to chose between slavery and freedom. Between chronic evil men and good men. And I believe that majority are wise to make the right choice. Crimị́nals that have looted and stolen away the future of our people are now claiming saints. Shut up all of you. You guys are the ones behind the political kịllings. You are the ones kịlling yourselves and beheading them.

You think doing these things will stop IPOB right? How I wish you can look beyond today and understand how wrong you are. You can't stop the movement of the people with blackmail. The otelectuals calling for genocide should know that they are setting up the state for a brutal w*ar. Should Nigerịa Army take the call and start what you are calling for, it won't take time before the people they are kịlling, both the young, ladies, men, old and sickly will gather in defense of both themselves and the land. The only thing what you are calling for will start is a second civil w*ar. That day is dangerously coming closer. The worse thing is that when that time comes, non of you otelectuals will come back to fight, but for sure, the people will make sure all of you answer for your reckless call for genocide in due time. The table will surely change.

I can't be blackmailed into changing my views. Never. I strongly believe that the insecurity we are experiencing today was caused by the government. I believe that the reckless and barbaric kịllings we are experiencing is also from their table. We know why you all are doing it. We know the reason why you guys use your social media to overshadow investigation by blaming it on IPOB. But you guys have failed to tell us why IPOB should kịll a lawmaker and had his head hung on a market. What have that got to serve IPOB?

We are no fools. Listen, let me tell you what you don't know. There is absolutely no security in Nigerịa. Those that shout security in Nigerịa are naive. Should Boko Haram or Fulanii herdsmen terro-rists decide to take any part of the North, even if it is the government house, they will take it. If they want anyone dead at any time, they will do it. Nigerịa got no single security. What Nigerịa is good at is attacking and kịlling unarmed civilians and nothing more. That's why they run from anyone carrying a gun. That's why they can't kịll one single unknown gunman that attacked their check points, but once they enter a village, they will neutralize four or ten unknown gunmen and arrest many. What exactly are they not telling us? If IPOB is indeed what you want to present then as, believe me there will be no politician in the East. The reason you all are here shouting IPOB this and that is because you know IPOB is never the monster committing all these evil. The day IPOB becomes what you all are saying they are, it will be so disastrous.

For you to wipe IPOB out, you should be ready to kịll more than 50 million people. The question is, are you ready for it? I know that the reason you all are blackmailing IPOB is to secure a reason why Igbo communities should be invaded. I see them invading soon, and I see things going out of hand. In that time, politicians will rule from Abuja, but no one will listen to them.

Igbo politicians will transform into perpetual enemies of the people. Just give it time.Stop the kịlling now. That is not the solution. That is the key to the Pandora Box.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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