Igbo Politicians

I don't know why Igb0 P0litician$ and their otelectuals are highly this F00li$h.They said they are Politicians but they don't really know what politics is all about and how to play this their Nigeria politics, and worse of it all is that, they don't know these people from the North that they are playing this politics with..

If Ohanaeze and Igbo politicians had fully without fear supported Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB for referendum and stood by them, protected them as their children and as their brothers and sisters, do you know that the presidency they were begging, that instead the North would have been the ones begging them to come and become president of Nigeria?

But greed, envy, jealousy, small mindedness, selfishness, individualistic mindedness, personal interest, I, me, myself mentality thinking they can do it alone and become anything without anybody and without their people clouded their minds and reasoning. Because of selfish interest instead of collective interest they threw way a rare golden opportunity God gave them on a platter of gold that would have made them to negotiate Ndi Igbo stay in Nigeria / Exit of Nigeria in the place of strength, they neglected and lost that golden opportunity.
Selfish/personal interest didn't allow them see the future, or think and reason well.

Well, it's not still late for them to redeem themselves, they can come together and throw their unflinching support for IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi KANU for referendum and freedom, having gone and failed and if they still refused and remain adamant and stiffneked, we continue.

I just learnt yesterday that they, Okorocha, Umahi and Co in APC. wrote a letter to "Buhari" begging him to pick one of them as APC consensus candidate. Can you imagine that? Even after all the promises and H0us€ b0y work they did for them they were still begging as at yesterday. Lol. How long will they continue to beg?

And despite their letter, today they were fL0ating around in the c0nventi0n before those they served against their people and against the collective interest of their people and finally they were humiliated and discarded like used Tissue papers.

We are waiting for them to come back in shame and then give account for all the State's money they spent chasing shadows and selfish interest.

© Her Excellency Oluchi Christy
Twitter: @oluchristty

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