Igbo presidency

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I am not interested in their Igbo presidency because it will still make no difference like the way Igbo governors are in charge of our States, yet being controlled by Fulani caliphate from the North and aso rock.

In the same vein I'm not interested in restructuring because you cannot build something on nothing.

100 years of amalgamation is 0ver, Nigeria is due for either Renewal or total d!s!ntegrati0n. So, you can't restructure non-existent structure.

But even though I'm not interested in Igbo presidency and restructuring, the truth must be sad.

From the latest events, Emeka Ihedioha should be ashamed of himself now. He left his brother Peter Ob who is contesting for the office of President and ran to Sokoto to support Tambuwal for the same office of President.

Right now, if his brain is still working and intact, he would know or have learnt that nothing on earth will make Tambuwal or another Fulani to support him or any other Igbo man for anything, not to talk of supporting him against his Fulani brother and Fulani people's interest.

Also, another efulefu, Osita Chidoka who left his brother Peter Obi and ran to Adamawa to support Atiku should now be ashamed of himself and should never forget that nothing on this earth will make Atiku or any other Fulani to support him or any other Igbo for Igbo interest against his Fulani! brother or Fulani! people's interest.

You all can see that these Igbo politicians, past and present are all efulefus and they are all our major problems.

What is good for them is just to gather them all together into a warehouse and give them history lessons and history books to read, maka odi nma Ndi Igbo.

© Her Excellency Oluchi Christy Enyinnaya

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