We the global movement and noble family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the command of great leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU wish to inform the public that there was no ESN or IPOB member killed in Delta State. In the same vain we advice Nigeria police in Delta to stop lying and misinforming the public. The second name of the Police should be "Nigeria Police Lying Force", because lying has become part of their job.

IPOB leadership wishes to admonish Nigeria Police not to continue deceiving the public but give themselves some sense of honour. Their usual unsustainable lies has only yield them a global reputation as one of the worst Police Force.

We know that the usual gabage they spew through media are to demonise ESN under IPOB and justify the millions they are stealing in the amount terrorist sponsoring government allocated to distroy and dislodging IPOB and ESN respectively. Nigeria Police and Army cannot destroy IPOB-ESN using propaganda and fallacious statement. Nigeria public are very sensible and can't be deceived easily by the hitherto gullible minds who thought that they are working but have realized that Nigeria Security Agencies are bunch of liers and propagandists. The terrorists and bandits onslaught in Nigeria have exposed their weakness and hollowness in their operations and capabilities.

ESN volunteers did not have any gun battle with the Police and no ESN operative died in Delta State. ESN are disciplined operatives, they has no business engaging Police in a gun battle. ESN are after invaded terrorists in our bushes and forest not after Nigeria Police or Army. But if Nigeria Police make themselves terrorists and go after ESN in the bushes and forest, our gallant men will have no other option but to engage them as terrorists.
IPOB and ESN remain formidable until Biafra freedom is totally achieved and will remain resolute and never distracted by Nigeria Government's blackmail.

Every Criminal in Biafraland are linked to be members of IPOB by Police, Army,DSS and Security Agencies in Nigeria including Ebubeagu security militia. Their plans are to demonise and blackmail IPOB and ESN but they continue to fail because we are doing what is just, lawful and self preserving and Chukwu Okike is with us.
IPOB have no problem with anyone in Delta state and we will not have problem but Nigeria Police as in their character are creating confusion to blame it on IPOB and ESN Operatives.

Biafra we are fighting and dying for is fully coming and we won't have problems with Biafrans we are fighting for unless those who have become a problem for us. United Nations and its Working Group recently has shown everyone that Biafra agitation is lawful and peaceful and very much realistic. All we are waiting for is for our Nation to metamorphosed into reality. How wonderful and glorious will that day be when the Sun Shall Rise and never Set again? The world shall stand still and the entire Earth will feel and witness the birth of a Chosen Nation.

Nigeria Genocidal Government and their collaborators thought that the world will never talk about Biafra again after they committed genocidal war against the innocent citizens of Biafra in 1967-1970 and bribed the world into silence. But Elohim have disappointed them woefully. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB have proven that consistency pays.

Our people must stop listening to Nigeria Government media propaganda and the perssimists who tells them that Biafra is dead and buried. Have faith and wait for the coming of Biafra. As leader and prophet Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has always said BIAFRA is the last miracle on Earth, no man born of a woman can stop it.


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