This is barbaric. This is shocking. This is man's inhumanity to man. This is exploitation of the vulnerable in our midst to the extreme.
Rituals for money are farcical. It is a deception. It is unreal. It is only the naive, the weak and generally vulnerable people that get sucked in and used and consequently have their lives destroyed.
Ofcourse, we all understand what is going on in that Country. The despotic government of Muhammadu Buhari has let everybody down, especially the youths, with the only exception being his associates, mostly his tribes men and women.
My special appeal here is that the rich in society should resist the temptation of using their wealth to prop up a corrupt and failing regime, instead, direct their effort towards setting up charities or foundations to uplift and empower our youths who are essentially badly let down by the leadership that should never have been entrusted with power in the first place and to some extent cheated their way to power.
My candid advice is that people should not for any reason whatsoever succumb to the temptation of ending a human life.
You may be in a lot of difficulties, I urge you or appeal to you to go and beg and pray for help and work hard to get a proper help/reward instead of risking your life by wasting another human life.
For me these rituals for money remain illusionary and make no sense to an intelligent and hard working person. By taking this meaningless and dangerous path, you are commiting sin and suicide. Do not be tempted, I seriously implore you. I repeat, if you cannot get a proper job, go and beg for help. One day, you will be in luck and your life can change forever in a way that you may never have imagined, as long as you keep your hands clean. There is no shame in that.
God bless you, if you take my advice.
Michael. I. Ibe
(IPOB Rapture Media)

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