In The Collapse Of Nigeria Lies The Solution.

For the people to rescue and take control of their battered destiny, Nigeria has to be collapsed.

Nigeria is the only oil and other natural mineral rich country where the citizens suffer more than the citizens of one of these poorest countries. High rate of unemployment, high cost of living ravaging it.

What the people need to understand is that this British creation can never cease to be their problem until it is collapsed. But the worst they can do to themselves is to hope and entrust this collapsing in the hand of those positioned in power to oversee and ensure their perpetual suffering.

The people must not look up to those benefiting from this messy state of Nigeria for solution as it's infinitely impossible for them to give up Nigeria since it is the only means through which they eat illegally and control the people at ease. This is why they take turn to loot. One looter steps down another looter steps in to sustain the looting while the people continue to suffer.

For the fact that Nigeria was created and programmed by the British to hold us down in perpetual suffering and penury is why these slave masters and your corrupt leaders will always feel threatened by anything or anybody that stands against or want to severe the fake unity of this British enclave called Nigeria.

For us to take control of our destiny we must be ready and determined to face this monster inflicting pains on us otherwise we are not ready to end our suffering.

Nnamdi Nwaeze Official, 2023

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