I would love to invoke a little history here for reference purposes. Nigeria has never seen an agitator like Nnamdi Kanu before and that is why the matter before her is a complex one. What Nigerian politicians are familiar with, is agitators that cut deals and retire to their normal lives where they enjoy their deals 🤝 bounties.

From Uwazurike to Asari Dokubo to the likes of Sunday Igboho, it basically deals cuttings and moving on with their lives. It will interest you to know that the aforementioned individuals might have chosen to play in the deal cutting lines for some postulated reasons. Popular amongst these reasons are, their mental emptiness of what they are pursuing. Secondly, satanic pressures from their gullible followers and thirdly, already deceptive intentions prior to their pursuits for whatever they are championing for.

If one should dissect the above hypothetical reasons with critical evaluation, one would then understand why Nnamdi Kanu seems to be a very difficult product for the Nigerian state to handle. Let us look at the first postulation of "mental emptiness of one's pursuit". Comparatively, neither do Uwazurike, Asari Dokubo nor the likes of Sunday Igboho ever understand the nature of what they were in for. Passive understanding of what they were in for, robbed them the opportunity to last long on their course. While Nnamdi Kanu dedicated times teaching her followers the nature and behaviour of agitation for self determination, others were too bereft of the idea of what they were into that every opinion around them were absolved at their own peril. So the Nigerian state currently struggles to plant one whom Nnamdi Kanu could depend on wholeheartedly while they work on him. If Barrister Ejiofor once submitted that "Nnamdi Kanu contributes in his legal sojourning", then it turns out to be a difficult scenario for the Nigerian state to handle.

The second postulation is pressure from followers. That is where most leaders fail. Emotions of weak minds followers could be more destructive than the enemy's missiles. Nnamdi Kanu is not the only person facing the same emotional hell from followers. Jesus Christ according to Christian literature also shows where a top leader in the Jesus movement (Peter) even advised his leader to reconsider his mission. That's when emotion overrides reasoning. Thanks to the focus of Jesus to have overshadowed the emotions of Peter with focus and perseverance. We can yearn and emit emotions as we can like, the great leader knows we are just humans and would not allow our weaknesses to overshadow his mission and vision. He is here to teach us what perseverance is so that we can have something to reference. No great men and women we quote today got such names by wishes. No! They worked it out...

The supreme court of Nigeria though under heavy executive bidding, have acknowledged that the Nigerian state took a criminal path by invading Nnamdi Kanu's hole and extraordinary rendition of MNK. Nigeria can only delay but can't deny crowning Nnamdi Kanu in the near future.

Finally, the postulation of cutting deals. Nnamdi Kanu has defiled every common tactic of the Nigerian state and survived. The Nigerian state is notorious for bribing and bullying. They offer difficult to resist bribes or severe threats and bullying that only the truly fearless can resist. Others who were here before Nnamdi Kanu like Asari Dokubo are all billionaires courtesy of cutting deals with the Nigerian state against their people's interests. You could imagine the same Asari who was on the top of his voice supporting Tinubu a few months ago, is accusing Tinubu of being an anti Ijaw President. Nnamdi Kanu doesn't want to find himself outside and start constituting a nuisance like others. Never! He has a class and also targets a height which is not a common height for weaklings or criminals

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