When python dance 1,2 and 3 happened, otelectuals never saw it as insecurity. You know why? Because military were going about killing harmless and armless youths. Lots of pits were discovered and they were covered with human mutilated bodies. Bodies of innocent Igbo youths.
Today, some of the youths that survived the brutal kil-ling by the Nigeriaa military have taken up arms and now otelectuals are shouting insecurity.
What did you say when innocent youths were kill-ed by your own governors? You didn't even keep silent, you just put your tenth with the murderous soldiers and concluded that the dead youths killed themselves. How can they protest when they know that Buhari is in power, some of you asked. They killed themselves, you concluded.
Your governors started the insecurity. We will never allow you guys heap it on the feet of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Your governors k-illed MASOB youths. Your governors ki-lled hundreds of Igbo youths and dumped their bodies in a River somewhere in Anambra State. Your governors k-illed IPOB youths in Onitsha. Your governors k-illed IPOB youths in Nkpor. Your governors ki-lled IPOB youths in Aba. Your governors k-illed IPOB youths in Igweocha (Port Harcourt). Your governors k-illed IPOB youths in Ebonyi. Your governors kil-led IPOB members in Umuahia. Your governors killed IPOB members in Obigbo. Your governors kil-led IPOB members in Emene, Enugu state.
All these things are ki-llings and hundreds of thousands of Igbo youths fell. They committed no offence, just protesting and demanding for referendum. But instead of listening to them, your governors brought military and ki-lled lots of them. Now you sing how it was Nnamdi Kanu that started the insecurity. Are you insane, or could it be that all of you are evil? How many armored vehicles did Mazi Nnamdi Kanu station in his house when your governors brought out soldiers to k-ill him? Did your murderous soldiers not raid his home ki-lling more than 28 people? Did they reply to your bullets? No. They just paid the ultimate prize and for you they are nothing and should be kill-ed.
Some of these youths were radicalized by your governors. Their wanting to wipe them all off radicalized them. You all brought out the beast in them and forced them to defend themselves. And I see the worse coming. I see chaos, I see unrest. I see roads being emptied of security men. I see politicians receiving it. You guys need to be careful. You can't win this through lies. If you can win it through lies, you could have won it through guns and bullets.
Instead of castigating IPOB and incarcerating Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, you guys should release him and give IPOB what they are asking for. I don't see you all winning these youths. If Igbo Politicians keep fighting against Biafra, they will be dethroned and sacked. It doesn't matter if you empty all the security in Biafra land, you all will fail and Biafra restored.
Make no mistake about it, the insecurity in South East was caused by South East leaders.
© Elochukwu N. Ohagi

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