Investigative Report: The Viral Video Of An Alleged Mansion Of Mazi Chinasa Nwaoru In Ebonyi State

Wrritten By Anyi Kings For Biafra Reporters | The Biafra Post | April 12, 2022
The three storey building located at water works road Abakaliki of Ebonyi State allegedly belonging to Mazi Chinasa Nwaoru is falsehood being pedled by moles, and also a smear media propaganda by his detractors. This is a very laughable fabrication from the den of infiltrators that has run out of ideas of their manipulative tendencies in their failed agenda to pinch the people against IPOB leadership most especially notable members of the DOS with special duty for Biafran restoration project.
Biafra Reporters finds it necessary to put the record straight not because there is anything wrong if Mazi Chinasa Nwaoru is the sole owner of the said mansion rather for record purposes we wish to straighten the fact as contained in the viral video. Mazi Chinasa Nwaoru a diasporan base who have traveled almost all part of the world during his days as a professional footballer that earns his salary in euros and dollars before settling to own a private company as a director of his company in Middle East Asia where he is based probably in the kingdom of Kuwait.
Incase you are unaware the Kingdom of Kuwait has the hardest currency in the world presently one [1] Kuwait Dinar is equal to 3.8 u6nited States dollars and higher than British Pound and Euros. A little google search will prove us right at the Biafra Post. What this means is that with five thousand [5000] Kuwait Dinars, - Mazi Chinasa Nwaoru can come up with that building structure that you are seeing in that untied and the filthy road under Governor Dave Umahi's administration.
But the question is will Mazi Chinasa Nwaoru be that foolish enough to find such a place a conducive environment to invest when Biafra is not yet restored?, knowing fully well that Dave Umahi can wake up one morning and order his cultist boys in Ebubeagu to disguise and go and put the structure on fire and his five thousand [5000] Kuwait Dinars investment will turn to ashes in a twinkling of an eye.
Mazi Chinasa Nwaoru, is a Biafran and have every right to put a structure of his choice in any part of Biafraland but Mazi Chinasa Nwaoru cannot take such risk of putting a structure in a land Ebubeagu Governor is in control of especially when the land is not his father's inheritance as it is expected to be assumed if the house is located in Obingwa in Aba province where he comes from. Investigation from Biafra Reporters has proven some villagers of the owner of that structure might not be happy on the progress of the owner of the structure who is also an indigene of the place. Reasons they are setting the man up with an attempt to spread rumor that will instigate Ebubeagu to go and set the house on fire with a flimsy excuses that it is an IPOB hide out.
Follow Biafra Reporters as we will prove this to you:
It started when a South African based business man name withheld an indigene of the village came home to put up a structure in his father's land, and decided to contact a different contractors for the said project who are of the same town but later settled with an engineer who is an IPOB member.
This engineer decided to contract youths that are mostly IPOB members for the work. Then envy and jealousy arose and from there they decide that the only way to scare the engineer away in order to win back the contract is to spread such rumor in order to instigate the government against the workers working there.
The truth is that though Mazi Chinasa Nwaoru, is a popular and top member's of IPOB D.O.S, but everyone who understands IPOB code of conduct knows that no executive members of IPOB from unit level to the top level has access to IPOB funds unless those in financial department. And with the record available with Biafra Reporter Mazi Chinasa Nwaoru, is not a member of IPOB finance team neither has Mazi Chinasa Nwaoru called for fundraising on behalf of IPOB or ESN before. Therefore Mazi Chinasa Nwaoru cannot be accused of embezzlement of IPOB fund to put up a structure in Ebonyi State which is pure fallacy and dead on arrival.
Biafra Reporters believe Mazi Chinasa Nwaoru can afford five [5] of such structures in that poor area if he so wishes in less than a year but he won't do that because it is investment risk to do so until Biafra is restored and a working government system is instituted.

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