When IPOB was formed the ultimate aim was to restore BIAFRA giving every BIAFRAN from all creed , persuasion, affiliation and denomination the possibility of participation , engage , contribute and partake in the pain and Glory of the process and the result.

Upon foundation the leader knew very well that it is a dunting and disconcerting task that requires the most sophisticated, knowledgeable, cultured , cultivated approach that would meet global ethics and standards.

Deriving his experience and knowledge from his role in MASSOB , IPOB was created not to make same blunder and mistakes of the aforementioned organization.

The journey to find men and women willing to be part of the dream and aspiration , to join the Battle and fight for their own Freedom took lengthy , painstaking, rigorous work ; , selfless , self-sacrificing, unselfish and altruistic behavior and discipline became the character that was needed to be implored against all odds to demonstrate the great love that have long been missing amongst men in this generation.

Men and women who heard his voice identified with him as though it was a magnet, a spiritual connection was made and the work started in earnest , aiming to pass the message of BIAFRA restoration to the world through an evangelical Christian character like the proverbial biblical quote "go ye into the world and preach the gospel" .
The message resonated , men and women were drawn into the fold and the BIAFRA restoration gospel spread like wild fire despite all mainstream and social media blockades and restrictions , the message was unhindered for it is and ideology in which it's time has come.

The IPOB ideology was simple , motored and driving by a simple ethical phrase " COMMAND AND CONTROL".
This principle was the guiding objective that formed the basis for this great association which have order internal elements that formed the whole Body,organs and structure.

Every one was given a role besed on their individual talent and capacity.
Guiding principles that was laid down was intended to give the BIAFRAN people the clear scope of the motive and destination, with the intention of the best result.

The ideological infiltration in IPOB have been driven by both internal and external forces whose aim is to mis-direct the ship of leadership and assert their personal will and interest .

The battle to weed out these stems is an enormous work that must be done on regular bases to keep the struggle blossoming.
The effort to discredit the process and ridicule the leadership is the list expected by these unscrupulous individuals whose aim is to mesmerizing the effort and gains made so far....

The idiotlogical infiltration of IPOB is a battle we must fight and win.....

Patrick Ikem Chronicle

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