The global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi KANU condemns the recent attack on the USA Embassy convoy in Anambra State. Though the White House said no American citizen was involved in the convoy attack, nonetheless, we condole with the families of the victims and request that the masterminders and the perpetrators be brought to book.

It is important to note that those accusing IPOB of being behind the attack on the US Embassy convoy are the real masterminders. Their quest to blackmail IPOB globally has led them into assassinating innocent people in Biafra Land. For instance, these government agents assassinated Alhaji Gulak in Owerri, and they assassinated Army couple in an undisclosed location in Biafra. They assassinated Dr. Akunyili in Anambra (late Dora Akunyili's husband). In all these and many more of the state sponsored murder cases, IPOB was accused, and till date Police never conducted an investigation on any of them. If not for the Intel from IPOB M-Branch on the plans to assassinate ex-British High Commissioner, Catriona Laing, in 2022 and the warning from IPOB leadership for her not to visit South East, they would have assassinated her too. IPOB is up against a terrorist, murderous, and vicious government whose main objective is to set IPOB up against the International Community and our international supporters. By the Grace of God Almighty, all their blackmail and propaganda has amounted to nothing. This recent attack on the US Embassy convoy is likely another state sponsored attack to discredit the peaceful IPOB movement and to make South East more unsafe for investors to continue coming to Biafra to invest. Again, they are late because our call for investors has already started yielding fruit.

Those linking Peter Obi to these attacks on US Embassy Convoy are the ones that fingers are pointing to in regard to the crisis happening in the south East Region. There is no way they can link innocent Peter Obi to it because he is from Anambra State. Does that mean that all the attacks happening in Adamawa state and Katsina state were caused by Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and the impostor called Buhari in Aso Rock, respectively?

We are not moved with the hatred and fallacious and biased investigation by the Nigeria government and its compromised security agencies against the IPOB movement because we knew that they hate Ndigbo and IPOB members, including ESN. No matter how stela ESN security work is, it can never be deemed good or right to the Nigeria government and its security agents. What is the justification to link Peter Obi to the criminalities going on in the Southeast? Can it also be said that all the banditary and terrorism happening in the Northern Nigeria is masterminded by their criminal politicians who evidence show that they aid and abet terrorists?

We are aware that several terrorism and banditary grouos in the North are sponsored by the unscrupulous elements around them there. We should be asking, why are they mentioning mentioning Peter Obi? Is it because he summoned up courage to contest their selection process called election and won by a landslide? They are now robbing him of the mandate given him by the people of Nigeria because he is an Igbo man.

The terrorist agents at Aso Rock's bitterness against IPOB for foiling their fulanization agenda in the Southeast is obvious. In fact, the presidential spokesperson Garba Shehu has already exposed the cluelessness and frustrations of the Fulani led Government of Nigeria over this recent attack.

While the White House is yet to carry out any investigation, the Nigeria government, through her spokesperson Malam Garba Shehu have concluded their investigation as usual by accusing IPOB. We are their worst nightmare.

They are busy exposing their cluelessness in desperation to demonize IPOB. These clowns in the Nigeria government are yet to realize that IPOB is on a divine mission that will never fail. America has one of the most sophisticated intelligences in the world and can not be deceived by alamajiris in the government at Abuja. We expect the US government to carry out an independent investigation on the attack.

Thete is a one Mr. Simon Edoga, a Camerounian with the fake age of 35 years old in Washington DC, reported fake information against the people of Biafra and was also responsible for reporting fake information against the Ambazonia liberation movement. He is an agent of disinformation for the repressive government of Nigeria and Cameroun. We shall expose him in due time.

This latest disinformation against IPOB from Garba Shehu, Simon Edoga, and other government agents and international propagandists in media has shown the level of hatred, vindictiveness, and desperation to blackmail this peaceful IPOB movement for Self Determination by the Nigeria government and their cohorts. We also want all well-meaning reporters and news agencies to begin to consult with IPOB and ask questions before taking the risk of misinforming the general public. Al Jazeera News Media must also stop reporting fake news about IPOB and Biafra. They have previously disregarded reports of massacre of Biafrans by the Nigerian government. Recently, AL Jazeera has been over publicizing fake news about Biafra, reported by the same evil government of Nigeria.

Once again, IPOB condemns the attack on the US Embassy convoy and condole with the victims and their families. Judging by the antecedent of Nigeria Police, Army, and DSS and their repeated sponsored attacks on strangers in Biafra land which they tag on IPOB, we demand the independent investigation from USA intelligence on the US Embassy convoy attack in Anambra State. We also demand that the result of the investigation be made public. We have zero trust in the Nigeria government and her Security Agencies to conduct any unbiased investigation because they are likely the culprits.


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