We the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by the great leader Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu KANU wish to condemn numerous Kidnappings and killings going on at Nnewi LGA and other parts of Biafraland by the criminals as Igbo tradition goes against Ndigbo waste innocent Igbo lives.
It is a sacrilege to be part of such heinous crime against our own people.  If our ancestors acted in such way to themselves we wouldn't have been able to see today.

We are cautioning those claiming to kidnap because of non compliance o non-existent Monday sit-at-home order to stop. If you are fighting for Biafra freedom and wish that  Nnamdi KANU should be released from the DSS dungeon you must stop all forms of criminalities in Biafra land. However, if enjoy spilling the blood of a fellow innocent Biafran, bear in mind that you will be rewarded in the same coin.

We wish to remind our people that the already suspended Monday sit-at-home was initiated by IPOB leadership the (DOS) and not any other person or group. However, our leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU whom we are following his footsteps and leading this movement and noble family advised us to stop the Monday sit-at-home and we obeyed. In all previous Sit-at-home orders from DOS, were not enforced yet Biafrans obeyed knowing that we are in the struggle together.  We don't know why infiltrators paid to be unfortunate deciple to Nnamdi KANU will recruite, brainswashed and arm criminals and some misguided Biafrans to maim, kidnap, murder and destroy fellow Biafran properties so as to enforce already suspended Monday sit-at-home.  We are calling those brainwashed and misguided Biafrans used by the paid infiltrators to impersonate IPOB to pull out of such gang. But if you continue kidnapping and killing innocent citizens because of Monday Sit-at-home, bear in mind that you must be killed because you are not fighting for Biafra Restoration nor the release of Mazi NNAMDI KANU.

If you're among the criminal gangs contracted to continue to harrass our people, IPOB and ESN operatives must not spear you unless you repent. If indeed you're passionate to fight for Biafra freedom,  how come you didn't join ESN and do the legitimate work for Biafra freedom? Those who have been brainwashed into terrorizing our people should stop, repent and revert to IPOB strategy and operations or regret your actions.

The infiltrators were paid to hire criminals to impersonate,  blackmail, demonise and destroy IPOB in the eyes of International Community by killing our people whom we are fighting for their liberation and freedom.
IPOB don't kill and must not kill anybody to have Biafra as a Sovereign Nation. Biafra will come but not through car snatching, Kidnappings and killings going on in these communities in Imo, Abia, Enugu Anambra and Ebonyi States.

We are aware that Nigeria Government and Fulani Caliphate recruited and funded those crimininal activities in the region, they recruited the criminals and make them look as if they are IPOB or ESN members. But it is the duty of every Biafran to debunk these, "divide and rule British game" because they are looking for anything and anyone to destroy IPOB and ESN.
Igbo youths please shine your eyes!! the green snakes are in the green grass. The enemies have armed some of us to be harmful to fellow Igbo man and woman while impersonating IPOB. But one thing is sure you cannot destroy IPOB-ESN using propaganda or fake ESN, Why so?
Answer- Just to get ESN and IPOB out of the way for fulani conquest of Biafra Land to be sure.

The DOS and other leadership are up  there fighting hard to gain Biafra recognition Internationally while some idiots have allowed themselves to be used against our people and to damage the good loyalty and reputation ESN and IPOB volunteers have enjoyed since esterblishment. We knew why our leader stopped the Monday sit-at-home order which we are not obliged to expose to the public.

Unfortunately, some Biafrans who on social media  ranting and fighting IPOB leadership without knowing what is happening or going on with the struggle and where the struggle stands at the moment.  But in a short while some revelations will be made known concerning Biafra agitation.

Any body still enforcing that non-existent Monday sit-at-home is a criminal who are paid through Infiltrator's leader in Finland to impersonate and blackmail IPOB. So long as IPOB is concerned, Monday Sit-at-home initiated by DOS has been cancelled and has not been reinstated. IPOB don't force or intimidate anyone when we call our people to sit-at-home as part of our civil disobedience especially on our Leader's Court date. We allow people to do it voluntarily and not by force. Therefore, anyone enforcing already suspended Monday Sit-at-home is not an IPOB member nor IPOB volunteer.


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