Biafrans and the all the lovers of freedom , on 30th September, 2021, IPOB/ESN were blackmailed round the world that they killed late Dr Akunyili , , Joe Igbokwe and Uche Mefor aka DJ Razor boldly accused IPOB that they killed Dr Akunyili and social media was painted with such misinformation ,

They went ahead to accuse IPOB even at the international stage over that assassination and some of the agent provocateurs even went online to accuse Chinasa Nworu and other members of IPOB members as those that carried out such evil act .

Today , the story had changed , even those agent provocateurs are online now , singing from both sides of their mouth that it’s one Ifeanyi Ibezi that mastered-minded that assassination of Dr Akunyili.

Have you all seen the level of blackmail and attacks against IPOB/ESN . This is a clear evidence that all the Nigerian government and DSS are doing is to blackmail IPOB and look for any possible way to box IPOB to a corner for continuous detention of #MNK and damage IPOB reputation that we have built for many years now .

Make no mistakes , It’s our duty to debunk their lies against this global movement.

#usa #uk #ESN #IPOB #EU

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