22nd May,2024.

We the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB wish to tell the whole Nigerians and the international community that we have been vindicate by the Police arrest of Mr. Chinasa Nwaneri over alleged fraud and intimidation, murder and kidnapping he pepertrated in Imo State and in South Eastern States.

It will be recalled that IPOB has made numerous press statements over the violent intimidating and criminal activities of Mr Chinasa Nwaneri, in Imo State, supported by Hope Uzodinma, particularly the invasion and burning down of houses in Mbano before the governorship election in Imo State and Orlu zone.

The Police arrest of the said Nwaneri on fraud and intimidation is a new leg into the activities of the notorious Uzodinma’s aide. While we in IPOB knows the fraudulent activities of Nwaneri before he made the list of Uzodinma’s aide, we know that other in Imo State who also know his past records and activities on issue relating to droid will not be surprise.

The inclusion of Nwaneri as Uzodinma’s aid before his removal tells the type of characters that are in government in Imo State. The say in Igbo land that when the head is sick other parts of the body are also sick. Those who know Uzodinma before he entered into politics in Nigeria and subsequently become Governor in Imo State will not be surprise with the characters he has used and is still using to govern Imo State.

We made allegations on the violent activities of Chinasa Nwaneri, many people particularly those who don’t know Uzodinma and Nwaneri may not believe us but now Police has arrested Nwaneri over fraud and intimidation including kidnappings and snatching of people's cars in the region, we have been vindicated. The young man (Nwaneri’s) record in Imo State before he entered politics and now speaks volume.

Half of numerous kidnapping and car snatching in the state and region were masterminded by Mr CHINASA Nwaneri criminal gangs known as Ebubeagu group. Therefore Nigerian police should hold CHINASA Nwaneri tight and never allow him go scot free from the terrorism act, he kidnapped and murdered many innocent people because of political interest. He also kidnapped for ransom of their victims because he has powers from Hope Uzodinma and his government in Imo state.

It will be recalled that the national dailies in Nigeria has been awarshed with the arrest of Nwaneri by Imo State Police Command.

The Police in Imo State confirmed the arrest of Mr. Nwaneri, the immediate past Special Adviser to Governor Hope Uzodinma on Special Duties over fraud allegation, something we all know is associated to him.

The Police said that those arrested alongside Nwaneri were the President of Imo State Market Association Traders ISAMATA, Emmanuel Ezeanochie and three others.

A press statement by Imo State Police Command spokesman Henry Okoye, simply said they were arrested over fraudulent activities but we in IPOB want to know their crime, Imo people will want to know the nature of their fraud to reconcile it with what Nwaneri is know for in the state. We want to know if it is the same kind of fraud the ex-Uzodinma’s aide is known for.

The Police said the suspects were arrested for malicious damage, fraudulent activities, obtaining money under false pretense, (a crime we have already known for) and illegal use of government power/authority to harass, intimidate and frustrate the citizens of Imo State.

Nwaneri had been Uzodinma’s personal aide for several years even before he became the Governor of Imo State, and we know why they have been that close, as our people say birds of the same feathers flock together.

We know that was among the first set of appointees handling Soecial duties when Uzodinma took over power in Imo State on January 15, 2020.


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