IPOB is fighting from all fronts!

The Nigerian Army says they have neutralized 60 IPOB and ESN camps in Imo state.. 27 LGAs.. 60 camps!.. Azzin IPOB must either have been on all the streets or the entire Imo state naa camps.. but Imo state governor shi that the killings are not by IPOB..

  • My younger brother just graduated with an ordinary pass. His class of 56 had 6 First class graduands and 32 with 2'1 and 14 out with 2'2..
    Chidi why naa? Why ordinary pass?? Ya ashi that òwú sit at home caused by IPOB!
  • All the native doctors in Igbo land are now packing up their profession. Once you rub White chalk on your face now and hang White and Red satin cloths on the wall.. Lekwa gi.. Lekwa ndi army.. you have turned to IPOB herbalist and jazz man!
  • That my village girl that was Married for 8years has finally separated. The sit at home is not allowing both businesses and Child birth come through.. IPOB mèré ya!
    All the boyfriend and girlfriend wahala these days.. wú aka òrú Umu Chineke!
    Nothing Works with IPOB in power!
  • Deborah Samuel was stoñed to deåth. Wickëd IPOB. They are the admins of that her class WhatsApp group!
    Bad IPOB.. I thought they were supposed to protect all our bushes up to Sokoto!
  • The house of assembly member that was behēāded at Anambra kwa nu??.. no need going for forensic analysis or finding the kiIIérs.. IPOB nwe di blame!
    If the mathematical connection doesn't work.. tumbom tumbom should work...
  • In Abia, Imo, Ebonyi, Anambra and Enugu.. anyuó nsi.. IPOB.. anyuó ahùrú.. IPOB..
  • Yet items recovered remains carved sticks, chalks, flags and one den gun!
  • Only IPOB is fighting from all the fronts.. let's keep deceiving ourselves..
  • The government has no blames. The Police has no blames.. IPOB that we voted in to protect us, rule us and defend us have collected all our security allowance and is doing nothing about it..
  • Ife N'eme Anyi Si Anyi N'aka.. joining your enemies to witch hunt and Painting IPOB Black rather than objectively stamping out the criminals in ala Igbo is the only thing that makes PDP VS APC Thrive in our land!

Culled from Bishops Edwin

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