IPOB Is Here To Protect Our People, Die For Them, And Offer Them Freedom

The soul of this struggle lies in the hands of the media warriors. They are the image makers of the struggle. Without them, the lies of the Nigerian media being propelled by the Government, in conjunction with the actions of the wicked agent provocateurs would have stuck. I say a very big thank you to every farmer, keke driver, shoemaker, umu boy, driver, and professional that left everything to take the title of a media warrior for this very struggle. But it is not yet time for adulation and thanksgiving. We are still in the trenches fighting for survival in a country that killed more than 3.5 million of our people and still treats us as pitiable slaves.

This period requires more work from all of us. We must understand that the actions of the agent provocateur have put fear and question marks on the hearts of the people. I read even a comrade say, if Biafra is to shoot 11 of our women, including a pregnant woman, then let us remain in Nigeria. This very line is the reason the government recruited these very criminals. This is the reason they declared 5 days sit at home just to terrorize our people and make them detest this very freedom many have died for. Yes, that line seems right, but that is what is needed to weaken you psychologically. We will not remain in Nigeria no matter what. We will stop those criminals and restore Biafra. We have seen worse in Nigeria. A lady in Ihiala was raped and cut into pieces by Fulani herdsmen terrorists right on her farm. Is this what we will remain in Nigeria to face? A media warrior must acquire the right spirit and mindset. A tough spirit, an unflinching one.

The time to reassure our people that IPOB is here to protect them and not to kill them is now. We must remind them about the sacrifices of people like IKonso, the ESN members that have fallen while defending us all against the rampaging Fulani herdsmen terrorists. The men and women that paid the ultimate prize while protesting peacefully; demanding a referendum for Biafra. Men in prison undergoing torture at the hands of Nigerian security. Women went on a protest in Owerri and got imprisoned for months. They suffered and mensurated for months without sanitary pads. There is an IPOB leader in the DSS dungeon undergoing torture for us to be free. That is the core spirit of IPOB, a spirit of sacrifice. In IPOB men contribute their monies and accept arrest, torture, and even death just for our people to be free. IPOB was never created to frighten our people, not to talk of killing them while shouting wotowoto. We all have a job to do. To take the evangelism down to the crannies of Biafra land.

We have defeated the agent provocateur, we have exposed them, yet we will educate the least of Biafrans on the intent of the criminals recruited by Nigerian politicians to damage the image of IPOB.

Share this message and you must have educated somebody today.

Elochukwu Ohagi Official, Philosopher, Teacher, and Activist, 2022.

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