IPOB media warriors

They have already planned his kidnap and they know for sure that it is going to be an illegal move. But they got it covered, or so they thought. One year ago they have already recruited some individuals to infiltrate the struggle. In their own different capacity they kept doing well, and got the heart of some people. Of course that's how double agents behave. They will work so hard to get your trust. That's the only weapon they will have against you.

Since the kidnap will be illegal, they worked hard to make it legal by activating their college of infiltrators on the struggle. Their duty will be to work on the emotions of IPOB members and make them go highwire. The method will be to tell them it is all for the release of MNK. IPOB being a disciplined organisation will be hard to crack, so they have to attack it's back bone. The government agency working with them have asked him to declare AUTOPILOT. A situation where IPOB members will start behaving anyhow and acting anyhow without recourse to the leadership. With this they wanted the struggle to slip into chaos and then give Nigería government an opportunity to bring hell upon the people and with it force them to speak against their own struggle. With this move it will be chaos, burning of properties, wanton kîlling and kidnapping of people by the elements that will be introduced by the government. The actions of the infiltrators will make it easy to blame all these atrocities on IPOB.

With all that will be happening, no body will be talking about the rendition of MNK again. The world will be talking about IPOB as a terrorist group that must be put to sleep. Those answering IPOB members will be declared wanted. Hands will be pointing on them and the people will support the wiping off of young men and women that have been in the forefront of the struggle. It would have been a supported massacre of innocent people. That was the plan.

But IPOB media warriors saw what they were planning and stood up to them. Men that lack understanding came in defence of the recruited crimînals whose intention was to destroy them. All they wanted was to set the land on fire using MNK's pligh. We saw those that said that if IPOB leadership don't want to answer terrorists, they should step aside for them to take over, turn around to cry that they are not terrorists when things backfired on them. It was all a treacherous move to lure IPOB into embracing terrorism.

Take a look at UN working group declaration on IPOB and ask yourself this question. What would have happened had it been IPOB allowed themselves to be fooled by those government agents? What would have been the lot of MNK? Your leader is in jail and all you kept shouting that your leader said we should not be afraid to answer terrorists. Indeed this period exposed lots of people. But we will write it down on books how genuine IPOB members waged war against home crimînals used by the enemy to destroy the only hope for Biafra freedom.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022

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