The attention of the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the command and leadership of our great leader and prophet Mazi Nnamdi KANU has been drawn to the purported statement from Amnesty International and others saying that IPOB is working against Ndigbo in the 2023 election. Amnesty International Nigeria should have known better than any other Human Rights Organisation in the world about IPOB activities since 2009 unless they have been bought over, too. We have remained peaceful even in the face of highest levels of provocations.

IPOB has worked tirelessly to let the world know our predicaments in this contraption called Nigeria. We have also consistently let those who care to understand that IPOB has no faction, let alone having a factional leader. IPOB is one big family with Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu KANU as the only leader. IPOB has always condemned the criminal activities of those who claim to be Autopilot led by one self- acclaimed disciple in Finland. Mazi Nnamdi KANU has no disciple whatsoever anywhere in the world. IPOB has members worldwide, and the self-acclaimed disciple is not a member of this worldwide family.

IPOB has never kept quiet to let the world know that IPOB is not part of the Autopilot group. On several press releases, we have distanced ourselves, but these paid agents kept on linking themselves to IPOB because they are paid by some Nigeria agents to do so. We don't know what Autopilot group is doing, and they don't know what IPOB is doing or how IPOB operates.
Whatever the Autopilot criminal group is planning and doing, we in IPOB don't know. The reputable Human Rights Organization, such as Amnesty International Nigeria, knew that IPOB has never been part of autopilot group who is terrorising the Eastern Region.

There is no other group as passionate as IPOB or have worked as hard as IPOB to defend the interest of Ndigbo. Originally, IPOB was formed to secure the right of Ndigbo. For Amnesty International to say IPOB is working against the interest of Ndigbo shows that they are playing double standards and speaking from both sides of their mouth.

IPOB was formed and built with one purpose, which is the peaceful restoration of the Biafra Nation through a UN supervised referendum. The Nigeria government and politicians sponsoring criminals and agents provocateurs to impersonate and discredit IPOB's peaceful movement is callous. IPOB is a decent organisation and movement seeking for the freedom of their people. Nobody who understands politics of the Nigeria government and its murderous security agents should accuse IPOB of violence unless those paid by the Nigeria government to sabotage Ndigbo and IPOB agitation.

We have consistently maintained that IPOB has nothing against Nigeria election. We haven't called for any boycott or any sit-at-home. We have said that voting is an individual right. We have encouraged Ndigbo, who wants to vote to go out in mass and vote for any candidate of their choice because IPOB didn't call for election boycott or "no election" or sit-at-home.

The period we knew that Amnesty International had compromised their position was when they had secret meetings last year with some propagandists and evil media people to join to blackmail IPOB in 2022.

IPOB is aware that the Nigeria government has bought over some nations and organizations against the IPOB movement. Amnesty International Nigeria, in their recent statement, has shown the world that it has been compromised.
Amnesty International Nigeria, open your eyes and know that the Nigeria government has moved against you in the past and is trying to tarnish your reputation.


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