Iri Ji Wu otu n' ime omenaala Ndi Isuochi ( New yam festival)

The most significant festival in Isuochi is the annual New Yam Festival (also known as Iwaji) celebrated in thanksgiving to the gods for a good harvest. It is usually held at the end of the rainy season in early August.

CUSTODIANS of Igbo tradition and culture have revealed that the reason Igbo give prominence to celebration of new yam festival in all of their communities was because harvest of new yams in the year marks the end of food scarcity and insecurity in Igboland.

It was also noted that celebration of new yam festival marks the beginning of Igbo year calendar; provides platform to thank God for provision of rains, fertile land and sun for farming. New yam festival is equally celebrated for sparing the lives of farmers and the people.
It was also stated that new yam festival was not essentially an occasion for worship of yam god known as Ufejioku, but an occasion for thanksgiving for preservation of farmers and the entire people to witness another harvest season.

The idea of four market days (Eke, Orie, Afor, Nkwo) that make up the four days of the week in Igbo culture emanated from the four days that our ancestors typically celebrated the new yam festival.

Eke market day is the first day of the new yam festival and also the first day of the week in Igbo culture. It is the day the new yams to be used for the festivity are harvested. The Eke markets are expected to overflow with buyers and sellers who meet to trade a variety of items such as kola-nuts, new yams, rice, cocks, goats, fishes and host of other local condiments.
The Eke day of the new yam festival usually gets children excited due to the anticipated merriment that will take place in the days that follow. On this day, women and children are charged with the responsibility of sanitizing the entire environment around the home.

Orie day of the new yam festival is a day of great merriment – eating of new yams prepared in various forms (roasted, cooked as pottage, pounded, fried etc) drinking, dancing, and socialization. It is permitted in Igbo land that masquerades parade the nooks and crannies of the community soliciting yams and money from people on this day. Pardon me "" I'm cutting it short""

The new yam festival, In the isuochi community, is an important way of marking the beginning and end of the farming season. It's a celebration of life, accomplishments in the community, culture and well-being.
Isuochi Is a town currently located in Umunneochi Local Government Area Abia state.yam is hugely celebrated yearly at the harvest of new yams from the farms, in an elaborate ceremony popularly known as New Yam Festival. The New Yam Festival is celebrated at each Community in Isuochi but will be Celebrated first by Ochi 1 of Isuochi.
The celebration attracts tourists from other states like Anambra.

The traditional ruler of the land Ochi 1 of Isuochi, opens the ceremony with prayers of Thanksgiving for the favor of nature and the importance of yam to the community and it's farmers. Royal father's and dignitaries of other communities, especially those ones that share boundaries and affiliation with Isuochi, pay respect to the King(Ochi 1) of isuochi land during the Festival, the throne's, Kings and dignitaries honour the festival to show solidarity and support of the people.

The Joy of the New yam festival is celebrated with various cultural and community groups performing dances and songs.

Masquerade make appearance during Festival, ceremonies and rituals. During celebrations and Festival, various masquerades come with groups of people. While these people play drums and sing for the masquerade, the masquerade in turn perform and amuse People

Join us tomorrow 6th of August 🥰🥰🥰

Long live Ochi 1 of Isuochi Ancient Kingdom.
Long Iive Isuochi traditional Rulers.
Long live isuochi people


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