Is this how Igbo PDP e-rats think they can get into power by blackmailing IPOB/ESN with government sponsored k!ll!gs?

If this is how they think they can get ticket into power by blackmailing IPOB, then, they don't know what they are doing, they are again making the greatest mistake of their lives because this media wars they want to fight against IPOB will only destr0y their chances unless they desist from this part they are toeing against IPOB.
Even before Police/INEC official report, Igbo PDP E~rats already knew who attacked INEC registration center.
What is it that PDP are not telling us?
Instead of these PDP Igbo otimkpus to focus on marketing their Igbo candidate to win they are busy picking a fight against IPOB.
Today these same PDP e-rats no longer believe that the same government that used thugs to disrupt #EndSARS are the same people using thugs, hoodlums to burn our people's properties in South East, kill our people just to discredit IPOB peaceful movement.
Well, if Igbo PDP political merchants think that disparaging IPOB and trying to tarnish the good global image of IPOB can earn them tickets-rights, then, they don't know Fulani well enough to understand that they are only creating division amongst the Igbos and Biafrans in general by trying to blackmail IPOB which they know they can't succeed in a 1million years to come, but will only destr0y their chances at clinching the ticket they desperately desire.
© Her Excellency Oluchi Christy

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