it is clear the infiltrators are against MNK

That you have a problem with the fact that you don't know Emma powerful or Chinasa Nworu is a sign that you are against MNK and all he instituted. Listen, it is only those with weak brain that can't connect the dots. For me it is clear that you all are against MNK and no one else.

If you are in doubt, let me clear your doubts.

Remember it was MNK that formed DOS, and they are against DOS. DOS are those MNK said when i am not around, they are in charge. Yet these guys are fighting them.

Also, it was MNK that said IPOB is built on Command And Control. That's C&C, yet these people are disobeying him on that. When they disobey him, they shout Free MNK to fool you.

It was MNK that made it so that both Emma Powerful and Chinasa Nworu should not be in the open. In fact it is a standing order to them that he don't need their pictures outside and these men have kept this order religiously till today, but somehow you think they should come out here. They didn't appoint themselves, MNK did. They didn't choose not to show their faces, it was your leader that gave that standing order. When your leader was here, you didn't question the fact that you don't know them, but immediately the leader was captured you started fighting them, yet you fool the weak minded fellows with we must free MNK. That's because you have seen it to be their mumu button. Their love for MNK has been weaponized by you and your caliphate masters. We must free MNK when you are doing nothing in that regard. When you are fighting almost everything being done to free him. Have you seen that they are practically fighting every thing instituted by MNK?

Again, the same you guys shouting and claiming that you want MNK out also said you will not take order from anything in DSS dungeon. For you MNK has become a thing. Yet fools you are fooling are clapping for you.

All of us knew that lobbying was introduced by MNK himself. He took to Radio Biafra to announce it and the amount it is taking from IPOB every month. Again, Nigería government has cried repeatedly how IPOB is lobbying against them and lying against them. This simply means that the lobbying is getting at the Nigería government. But the Nigería agent in Finland took to twitter to call whoever that started the lobbying a crimînal, yet you fool following him don't know he is simply calling MNK a crimînal. You fail to ask yourself why is it that Nigería is crying over the lobbying power of IPOB and the Nigería agent in Finland is also speaking against lobbying. It simply mean that both Nigería government and their agent in Finland hate the fact that IPOB is lobbying. Nigería contacted him to speak against it, just like they once attacked IPOB financial power base and yet you can't read the handwriting on the wall.

Did you not see that only Nigería government and their agent in Finland were angry about the UN group resolution on Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, calling for his unconditional release. Nigería government through Northern group spoke against it and the Nigería agent in Finland also spoke against it. What does that tell you? A genuine person seeking for MNK's release will welcome a comment from United Nation calling for MNK's release.

Listen, God did not give us brain to decorate our heads, if not he would have left it in the open for all to see and not cover it with a skull. That brain is there for thinking. If you are a Biafran, you should start thinking with it.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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