It is never easy to make a drastic change in a deeply corrupt society.

Soludo came with that change. He wanted to revive Anambra and give it a touch she needed. He has high hopes that have touched some big heads. Only men that knew how much Agboro make for them in Anambra will understand. There are youths in every junction in Onitsha making millions for these people in one day, with little or nothing going to the government purse. Imagine how much they make in one month, while selling nothing and losing nothing. Imagine stopping this people and people are thinking they will bow out without a fight.
What is happening in Anambra is a fight between the big heads and the new government. They are making Anambra ungovernable for the Anambra new bride. And to their own gain, they are doing it at a time when whatever they are doing will be heaped at the feet of IPOB. Tell me again about using one stone to kịll two birds.
What is happening in Anambra have political undertone.
IPOB has no business kịlling a law maker and northerners. IPOB is a peaceful freedom movement that believes in non violent agitation. IPOB is only demanding for referendum to determine their future. And it is within their right to do so.
Those kịlling are disgruntled politicians that want to bend the state government. And these home breed crịminals have federal affiliates.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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