Nnamdi Kanu once said that the worst thing that can happen to you is for IPOB to condemn you, you are finished.
In this aspect, politicians in Biafraland must henceforth desist from using Nnamdi Kanu's name or that of IPOB to campaign in their political rally grounds because such will attract a condemnation and you know what it means.

A killer of innocent Anambrarians like governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo that has in less than two years topsy-turvy Anambra State should start by now to look for people that will stand him a surety when he leaves office because he will definitely end up in jail.

Nnamdi Kanu does not need a surety before he can be released by the Nigeria Government so before Soludo will think of standing surety to Nnamdi Kanu, ask him what offense Nnamdi Kanu committed because sureties are meant for people that has pending cases to answer.
What pending case do Nnamdi Kanu has with Nigeria government?

Is governor Soludo not aware that the means by which Nigeria government brought Nnamdi Kanu back to Nigeria was criminal?

Is he also not aware when the Abuja Appeallate court on the 13th day of October 2022 discharged, acquitted and ordered the federal government to release Nnamdi Kanu?

Is governor Charles Soludo not aware when the Federal High Court (trial court) Abuja dismissed Nnamdi Kanu's case and mandated the federal government to comply with the order by the Abuja Appeallate Court to release Nnamdi Kanu?

Apart from political rally grounds, where else do you hear governor Soludo or any other politician in Biafraland talk good about Nnamdi Kanu/IPOB? Nowhere.

Have you ever seen them condemn the federal government's gross violation of the country's national laws? Have they for once travelled to Abuja to meet with the cabals controlling the impostor in Aso Rock to release Nnamdi Kanu? No! They haven't but they can easily go to their political venues and use Nnamdi Kanu's name to campaign to buy votes because they know that is what the people wants to hear.

I think by now governor Soludo should be advising the federal government that he wants to stand a surety for them because it is the federal government that really needs a surety. It is them that has cases to answer, not Nnamdi Kanu.
They must tell the world why they have refused to obey the United Nations Working Group order.

They must tell the world why they have refused to obey their own court orders from the Umuahia High Court Abia State, the Appeal Court and the Federal High Court Abuja orders to release Nnamdi Kanu.

They must tell the world why they have been starving Nnamdi Kanu in their custody. They must also tell the world why they have chosen to detain Nnamdi Kanu despite his deteriorating gastro intestinal disorder and escalating heart enlargement that needs a professional medical attention.

So it is the federal government of Nigeria that has cases to answer and they probably needs sureties, not Nnamdi Kanu. On this note, I advise governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo of Anambra State to go for the job and stand a surety to the federal government of Nigeria, not to Nnamdi Kanu.

Written by: Ifeanyi Chibueze James,

Family Writers Press International

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