It seems my article titled "Biafrans Should Avoid What I Call 'South Sudan Mistake' " annoyed some people.

I just read another post again calling me poor and other unprintable names. They even said I am claiming to be a philosopher. Lol. This has become childish and funny.

Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi is a school teacher. I go to school and teach students. That is my job. I am not jobless. If you think Teachers are poor, that's your problem, not mine. Teaching for me is genuine work and I have been doing it with pride. Being a philosopher is not a big deal, just like every other discipline. You just need to go to school, read Philosophy, pass your exams, and upon graduation, you become a Philosopher. I put philosopher after my post because I am a graduate of philosophy and I have certificates from both local and foreign universities. Some people have disgraced themselves in their move to counter people.

But who doesn't know it will be chaotic to have numerous arms groups inside a nation fighting for freedom? Is it that these people don't think or could it be that they are dubious?

Less than 30 people gathered in a certain forest, testing some unverified nonsense and you are there jumping up and clapping. They are even calling themselves Biafran Army. Less than 30 people are calling themselves an army and you are clapping. So they are the people that will withstand Nigeria's military when what they are cooking matures. Will those people even withstand Fulani herdsmen terrorists? What is even wrong with our people? ESN numbers in tens of thousands, yet they are not claiming Biafra Army. There is what is called diplomacy and outsmarting your enemies. Have you asked yourself why Mazi Nnamdi Kanu called ESN security and not Biafra Army? Did you try to find out why he tasked them to move against Fulani herdsmen terrorists? This is being smart. But some people that are less than 30 with some irons poorly constructed in the name of missiles are claiming Biafra Army. You don't know how much propaganda the Nigerian government can use those videos to gain. A reckless video can be used by your oppressors to get more arms and support. That's exactly what some of us don't know.

If you are intelligent, you won't be supporting anyone that shouts Biafra. Many Nations have been destabilized using such elements. We are not only seeking freedom. We want freedom after freedom.

I can't support some groups of people whom I don't know the people behind them. Some cløwns of 10 people claiming an army. That's foolishness and I can't support such.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher, and Activist, 2022.

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