It Won't Be Bed Of Roses

If you are thinking that early days of freedom will be a complete eldorado, then you need to head into some introspection and rethink all you have been taught and accepted.
Freedom will come with it's own difficulties, but the difference is that we all will become freemen, and that is the most important thing.

If you look at how things are structured in Nigeria, you will agree with me that nothing is happening in South South and South East as they chose to call us all. (We all know we are from the East). If you are into business, it is useless staying in the East. All you need is in Lagos. Even if you don't want to move, surely the need to be close to sea port will move you.
Or more still, the heavy presence of police, military, immigration and custom on Eastern roads will force you out. They will so deal with you when you are taking your goods to Onitsha, Enugu, Owerri, Port Harcourt etc, and practically force you to close your shops in Onitsha and head to Lagos, Abuja or Kano. This remain the plight of Easterners in a country they call theirs.

When we finally exit Nigeria, we will be faced with reality. The reality that we have gained nothing being in Nigeria for many years. We will realize that militarily we have no structures in the entire East. They have built all military bases and schools in Northern region. All the training facilities are all in the North.
On that morning when we wake up to behold Biafra, it will become clear to us all that we have no international presence in the East. No embassy, nothing nothing. We will realize that these people have been taking from us, with us getting nothing.

This is the reason you should stand tall against the ranting of those that think a better Nigería is possible and embrace Biafra.
Do not forget, I am only saying that the beginning won't be rosy, but the joy of Biafra, the appearance of a yellow sun on that morning will overtake all pain caused us by Nigeria.

We will practically start building from the scratch. Presently, all roads in Biafra Land are dead trap. We will construct it to standard. We will connect cities, villages and towns. We will bring back railways into Biafra land. We will built world class cities and sea ports. We will use infrastructural development to force our people in Lagos back home.

Don't mind those giving you quit notice today, for tomorrow when Biafra comes, we will desert north and west within time. Remember that Nigeria gave Ghana quit notice some years back. Our military were captured on tape flogging them in the streets of Lagos into waiting trucks. Most of them went home to Ghana without their properties. Nigería military dealt with them. Today, where is Ghana? Today we go to Ghana on holidays, we have our kids begging to be admitted into Ghanaian schools. Shamelessly, we even go there for medical treatment. These are people Nigería government dehumanized in a horrible way.

The coming of Biafra will leave many shops empty in Lagos. For the North, their own case will be worse. They will return to sixteen century Muslim sharia nation. This will be the real quit notice that will send many non indigenes out of northern Nigeria.

Friends, we will have much work to do in Biafra when finally Biafra comes. That's the message. Prepare your mind for it, for we will build a home that will even bring back all diaspora Biafrans home. I know they are longing to be home.

Biafra will make it possible.

Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi making irrelevant things relevant.

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