Kanunta Kanu

Kanunta Kanu is doing what he is doing because some people are urging him on. He is just their face. They are fronting him. You only need to look well and you will see them.

But as for me, Kanunta is not much an issue. When ever the person(s) urging him on is(are) ready to play they should come out boldly and stop hiding from behind. Simply come out and take your position.

There are some things people will say and I laugh. That's because I know the game they are playing. There was a time he said that Legal team and Financial team are only answerable directly to MNK. That was him playing a game. When you look at it, you will say that it is true and for sure it is true. But ask yourself this question too. Is DOS not answerable to MNK too? If yes, why is Kanunta saying all those things and separating them? That's because he has ulterior motive.

MNK is in charge. But MNK is in DSS dungeon. The only connection between MNK and DOS is the Legal team. They bring words as MNK lawyers. Before the extraordinary rendition of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, he has repeatedly said that when he is not there DOS is in charge. Not only that he said it, it is a laid down structure of IPOB. Every body knows that.

Then, if MNK is in DSS dungeon, and DOS stand in for him, is it not proper that Finance and legal team be under DOS who still report to MNK? Do you understand what I am trying to say?

Serving IPOB in any capacity is a selfless work. Countless times MNK said that you can be relieved of your duty at anytime. And you don't need to fight it when relieved of it. IPOB is a test of the type of country we tend to birth. Is it a country where offenders won't resign? Is it a country where people support evil? Or a country where you play games and refuse a simple court order? Why should you run around when you are asked to step down or render an account on how you did your work for IPOB?

Kanunta is playing a game of desperation. He acts like a man desperate for something. And desperate peo-ple are dangerous pe-ople. Those playing the music for Kanunta will soon take a side soon. When that is done, they will understand that we all have vowed not to give room for another kind of infiltrators games.

I advice that IPOB lawyers should only be relaying information only to DOS, unless MNK sends a direct message to another, then they can do as instructed.

Brothers, do not worry too much that such things are happening. These things are happening so that we can be sharpened and prepared for what is to come. This period is very important. That's why MNK asked that we say the 150 days Psalms. He knew that we will face trying times. IPOB will emerge victorious, for we are conquerors.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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