It is so important to note that whatever has caused issues between the infiltrators and IPOB leadership is the inability of the DOS to do their biddings the way they want it. Recall back when Nelly called chinasa nwuru to change IPOB command to ESN command and when he refused, he turned a war criminal, killer and many derogatory names they call him today. Would he be called those names if he had aided their destructive plan against IPOB? I'll leave you to answer that yourself. Subsequently, when Simon was asked to broadcast on radiobiafra and all his expectations was that radiobiafra will be handed to him without any condition or protocols. Hell NO. And when he couldn't get it his way, that was when he knew that DOS are criminals that has been eating IPOB money, buying properties and engaging in a secret agricultural investment. Could it be that they were doing all those with MNK when he was with them or immediately he was renditioned? I also will like you to oblige the answers. We will also notice when our erudite Barr ejiofor was still conversant with them, in fact, he became their favorite Barr for mazi nnamdi kanu but immediately he failed to do their biddings, he turned to enemy of mazi nndi kanu as they claimed even though they're the only people who are physically fighting to save our leader legally. One may ask, if according to them all our legal luminaries are enemy of MNK, have they make another provisions to defend our leader or they want MNK to defend himself without a counsel? One thing I wish them to know is that IPOB/Biafra struggle is not a personal relationship you have with a sweetheart that you get revenge every time he/she annoys you. In IPOB we're one family and our personal/individual opinions can never overwhelm our collective future. I will advice every lover of MNK to desist from this people for they do not love MNK one bit. Imagine who turned against you simply because you fail to do their biddings, what do you think will happen when our leader also fail to do their biddings? RIE ADU, DUO ONWE GI. #FreeMaziNnamdiKanuNow ~Chukwudi Samuel, 10 02 2022

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