We the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by the great and indefatigable leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU commend the IPOB Volunteers and ESN Operatives for creating a conducive environment in Biafra Land during the Zoo fraudulent elections.

IPOB said that we are not interested in this selection called election did not mean that our gallant men went to sleep to allow hired anti-democratic forces and criminals to take advantage of the elections to tarnish our image by creating violence. The Nigeria government has lobbied some international organisations to pin IPOB as those creating insecurity. They told them that we were going to create crises during the elections. We have proven them wrong because IPOB is not a violent movement but a peaceful one seeking peaceful separation from the Nigeria State.

We understand the importance of credible elections as a democratic process to salvage the sufferings by giving people the opportunity to choose their leaders through credible elections. In the case of Nigeria, credible elections are a mirage and can never be achieved.

IPOB condemned publication from one of the political media houses, The Nation Newspaper, purportedly accusing the peaceful movement of IPOB as responsible for the attack in Delta State where two people were murdered in Oshimili Local Government Area.

May it be known to the Nations Newspaper and their collaborators that no IPOB member was killed in the so-called attacks because we are not political thugs and never disturbed anybody during the elections. We knew that some state sponsored criminals and political thugs would claim to be IPOB members to create violence during the elections. They are working together with the federal government of Nigeria or the Fulani government of Nigeria and some states governors who are their stooges to blackmail IPOB.

The world was expecting IPOB members and ESN Operatives to cause crises in the Eastern states during elections because the Nigeria government have made them believe that IPOB are against their elections. IPOB is too smart for them, and we knew what they were waiting to hear, but we outsmarted them again. Instead of their state sponsored criminals and thugs to create crises, IPOB Volunteers and ESN Operatives demobilized their agents and created the calm environment required to conduct their elections in the East.

As such, there were almost no records of ballot boxes snatching or burning in the East. Rather, the violence they meant to happen in the Eastern Region were all over the Western and Northern Regions of their Nigeria. What a smart move by IPOB leadership! Nigeria fulanized government with ethnic cleansing agenda will not commend the peaceful nature of the elections in the East but if it were to be the opposite, the entire Nigeria media will be filled with ethnic bias reportage against Igbos or Biafrans, and IPOB.

In the case of Nigeria credible elections is a mirage and can never happen in Nigeria, the INEC Chairman Mamood Yakubu has shown Nigerians that fulani people don't need peaceful environment and they will see it these days. The Nigerians has understood that fulani doesn't want peace and they cannot coexist with other tribes in the cage nation called Nigeria. The concluded fraud election has proven that Nigeria is irredeemable.

Violent attacks on Igbo voters in other parts of Nigeria especially in Lagos Rivers State because little Hitler Nyesom Wike has proven that he is not an Igbo and he hates Ndigbo, disenfranchising of Igbos voters, massive rigging, underage voting, destruction of voting materials, manipulation of election results characterized this 2023 presidential election.

The earlier that Nigeria understands the sophistication and intelligence of Ndigbo/Biafrans and appreciate it, the better for them. The God-given talents of Ndigbo and Biafrans will never be realized in an unholy union of Nigeria, but rather, it will be realized in a homogeneous nation of Biafra. They thought IPOB and ESN operatives would be silent and watch their sponsored agents burn down places in Biafra Land instead, we choked them into silence. So far, Biafra land is the most peaceful region during this 2023 election in their Nigeria. We foiled the blackmailing agenda of the government of the zoo.

Kudos to IPOB Volunteers and ESN Operatives for a job well done! Also, thanks to IPOB leadership, the DOS, and our formidable Media Worriors for exposing the enemies. IPOB also appreciates Biafrans, who provided vital information to our gallant men and women that helped to stale the plans of the criminals.

By the grace of Chukwu Okike Abiama, IPOB will continue to outsmart our enemies until Biafra is fully restored.

With what has happened in the just concluded fraudulent election, it's becoming clear even to the blind that Igbos are not wanted in this contraption. Biafra Nation remains the only option. IPOB will always be proven right at the appointed time.


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