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Report by Anyi Kings | April 29, 2022
A viral video of a property belonging to a member of IPOB a United States based business man has surfaced online as a report has it that Cheif Raph Uwazuruike the Massob leader has theathen to demolition the buildingĀ šŸ¢Ā in order to extend his hotel business in the land .
According to the report available to Biafra Reporters Uwazuruike is yet to provide any documentation proof as the owner of the property . Rumour has it that his claim of the ownership of the property is based on gift promise from ex Governor of Imo State Sentor Rochas Okorocha while in office as the executive Governor of Imo state .
But contrary to the claim by Chief Ralph Uwazuruike the original owner of the property who goes by name Mazi Agwumezie aka Lion who is also an IPOB Sympathizer has confirmed that he purchased the landed property and have developed it 5 years before Rochas Okorocha becomes a governor of imo state.
In his Exact word
My name is lion Agwumezie. For about a week now Uwazuruike of Massob have been threatening to destroy my property located at Imo State House of Assembly . At first I taught it was a joke until my lawyer I hired told me that he filed a lawsuit against former owner. I paid my lawyer to immediately join the suit. As we have applied to join the suit uwazuruike found out that he cannot win and decided this morning to bulldoze down my house without court order.
He surrounded the place with his Massob thugs with an order to shoot anyone found on my property. He ejected my tenants and destroyed the entire property.
Uwazuruike claimed that Rochas okorocha sold my property to him. My property was developed 5 years before Rochas become a Governor.
It is surprising that Rochas Okorocha will wake up and sold off or gifted my property to Uwazuruike without my consent. A property I bought and developed 15 years ago.
On this note it is important that we let the world know and also that Cheif Raph Uwazuruike must be advised properly to understand that he has been caught on the act of land grabbing.
As global family of IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi is not going to keep quiet while he will be collaborating with Igbo Politicians to intimidate and confiscate the properties belongings to its member .
We hope he will take the part of peace and keep off from the said property to maintain peace .
Anyi Kings April 29, 2022

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