Laughable Isn't it? Godwin Emeifele accused of funding ESN by SSS ?

This is to address SSS and Premium Time Newspaper over their concortted allegations and cheap blackmail against Eastern Security Network ESN / IPOB in their desperate usual manners to potray IPOB as a terrorists organization and their wishful thinking of making Biafra as Igbo projects or five eastern states project as alleged in their frivolous charges filed against Godwin Emeifile the current Governor of central Bank of Nigeria.

According to the reports by Premium Times Newspaper the so-called frivolous charges filed against Godwin Emeifele before the chief justice of the federal high court Abuja Justice John Tsoho has been quashed, rejected, and thrown to the dustbin of history for lack of merit and irregularities in procedures eight weeks after, Yet the premium times in collaboration with DSS in their never say never attitude in doing the bidding of their pay Master has again decided to media hype such forgotten inconsequential news reports in as much as it's seen to be a tool of blackmail against IPOB/ESN.

But the facts remain that ESN or IPOB is not unknown gunmen neither does IPOB /ESN have any connections with unknown gunmen anywhere in Nigeria or in the world 🌎

Unknown gunmen is a government Creation and tools to blackmail Eastern Security Network ESN/IPOB, therefore unknown gunmen are sponsored and bankrolled by the federal government just as the federal government through her agency bankrolls Miyetti Allah aka Fulani herdsmen terrorists, Boko Haram terrorists, Iswap terrorists and other terrorist organization springing up in the Fulani North against indigenous people in Britain's created Nigeria.

Mr Godwin Emeifele the Agbor born Nigerian Banker from Delta state who happen to be the current Governor of central Bank of Nigeria is purely a one Nigerian serving under the current pro-terrorist government of APC administration as an appointed cabinet by Muhammadu Buhari to do the bidding of the government even at gunpoint. Hence he is vulnerable of blackmail and use and dump tools for being a none Fulani indigenes in their terrorists governmental policy as a central Bank Governor. Therefore there is no far from the truth that Mr Godwin Emeifele has been singled out to be the escape goat of APC shenanigans of fighting corruption or Terrorism which they themselves the Fulani-controlled government are the prime actors of corruption and terrorism in Nigeria.

But the Fulani North has again hit their target on the rock in their fruitless attempt to display their ignorant in trying to rope IPOB/ESN in whatever unknown gunmen activities in south east which they the Fulanis are sponsoring through their proxy agents in Biafra land.

The Fulani North under the umbrella of DSS shoot themselves on the leg more when they projects IPOB agitation as Igbo projects or 5 South East states projects, yet chooses an Agbor Man from Delta states in person of Godwin Emeifele to accuse as a financial of agitation for a separate 5 eastern states out of Nigeria which they are media insuinating that Agbor where Godwin Emeifele comes from is not inclusive. Is that not laughable? Doesn't that signify open blackmail and falsehood against their own very willing tool
Mr Emeifele?

The fact remains that the Nigerian government knows quite well that the Biafra projects are not Igbo projects alone, Biafra's agitation for a separate nation out of Fulani terrorists British-created Nigeria goes across the southeast and the south-south part of Nigeria. But in a deliberate act to blackmail Biafra agitation and make Biafra agitation unattractive they sponsor unknown gunmen in Igbo land and comafluage as Biafra group in order to use it as a tool to tag IPOB as a terrorist org and de-market IPOB's quest for Biafra freedom through world recognize legitimate way and the acceptable principle of self-determination which is IPOB demand for United Nations supervised referendum to the international communities.

But IPOB is prepared one million miles ahead of Nigeria's media blackmail policy against Biafra agitation under the umbrella of the IPOB freedom fighting movement globally.

IPOB media are alive to expose Nigeria terrorists government to who they are without any iota of fear.

Anyi kings February 4, 2023

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