Letter To A Crush

My eyes hardly notice
But that day it was like something happened
Something I just don't understand
I wondered what type of artist the creator is
How did he make such a beauty?
I wasn't blind, yet I don't see beauty
But this time I saw one, and not two

A very tall Queen
An African Queen
Shining like the early morning sun
As bright as the midnight moon
Walking elegantly
But without a king
Black, but looks chocolate
Chocolate, but looks black

It was the eyes that I first looked at
But not without the gravitational force of the face drawing me closer
Oh, the teeth?
It was as White as Snow
Slim like the beautiful ugha tree

I avoided looking at her bosom
For there lies the softest ball
Wished to touch, but did not touch nor feel
But yet, it must be soft
I wondered how magical it was
That it throws my mind too wide
Wide enough that I momentarily lost my mind

I doubt if she got a replica
So elegant, so tall
An Afro hair, standing on a magnificent neck
I wanted to stop her
At least tell her how good her maker is
A super wonderful artist

Wished I am the king
And you my Queen
You are just a paragon
Yes, I mean you!!!!

Your crush🔥

Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher, and Activist, 2023.

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