Letter To Doctor Maduka Chinemelum Ogwueleka

Dearest Doctor Maduka Chinemelum Ogwueleka, the other day you posted a video where Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said we should listen to Simon Ekpa and tagged me to it. You also made a post stating your conviction that Mr Ekpa is fighting for Biafra. I knew too well that MNK has asked that we listen to lots of people and some of these people have fallen out. There are some he called his friends, yet today they have proven to be double agents. FFK is a good example.

Today, I want to highlight some of the atrocities of Mr Ekpa and ask you if actually you in all sincerity believe that those things amounts to fighting for Biafra. This will enable us know truly what some of us think about Biafra, in terms of being a country away from the normals in Nigería.

Doc, we know that in IPOB it is about adhering to IPOB principles and respect for IPOB chain of command. Ekpa did not just went against these principles by only insulting IPOB leadership, he went on to organise a vote of no confidence, where he said he has voted out DOS and proclaimed that no one should ever listen to them or to Radio Biafra again. He went on accusé IPOB leadership of being behind the kidnap of MNK. Something we now have proof that he lied and knew he lied. If you are in doubt, please go to his twitter handles and see what is happening between Nelly and him.

Also, Ekpa for the past eight months has claimed he is in charge of ESN. Doc, do you believe in this his claim? He also in conjuction with Nelly kept conducting monthly ESN fundraising. Do you think in all honesty that this is fighting for Biafra?

Mr Ekpa told a lot of lies. One of them was that he defended Nelly on her Idu claims. He said that if Nelly said Biafra is dead, that it is nothing. And as a spiritual man he believed so. This same Ekpa came out again to say he never knew Nelly said Biafra is dead. Mr Ekpa after supporting Nelly and committing atrocities with her, is now calling Nelly a double agent. He went on to say that Nelly used juju on him.

So, Doc i ask you these questions. Do you believe in Ekpa's claims? Do you actually believe he was held with juju and that made him to mess up? Do you think all those lies is fighting for Biafra?
Again, just last week Mr Ekpa released to the Internet nude pictures of Nelly Ofoegbu because of his fall out with her. Do you then believe that act is fighting for Biafra?

Mr Ekpa has in countless occasions accused IPOB finance of corruption that doesn't exist. He blackmailed IPOB lawyers. He lied against IPOB leadership and said he will open a can of worms on the heads of IPOB media warriors. Something he is yet to do until this day. Something he said to make people think there is corruption in the table of the media warriors. Do you really think this actions can be translated as fighting for Biafra.

We all were here when Nelly was sacked by IPOB leadership. We saw how Simon was so angry and said that DOS were sacking those fighting to release MNK. He went on to say that nothing will make him to stop working with Nelly. He also entertained his listeners with the saying that he is Nelly and Nelly is him. Do you think Ekpa is not involved in the activities of Nelly?

Doc, I know you might argue that Mr Ekpa is not an IPOB member and hence should not be subjected to IPOB principles. Then I ask you these questions. Since he is not an IPOB member, why did he claim that he is in charge of ESN? Why the numerous ESN fundraising? Why the duplication of MBranch? Why the attack on IPOB leadership? Why the order and counter orders? Who exactly was he working for? What do you think would have happened had it been Mr Ekpa succeeded in destroying IPOB leadership?

I am asking you these questions so that you make us understand you very well. Because as someone respected by Biafrans, you have to also put things straight, so that when Mr Ekpa is finally shamed, you will not give excuses, but take your own dose of the shame without complaints.
Thanks, as I await your response.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2022.

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