lies and blackmail

I understand what lies and blackmail can do, especially when you are trying to expose evil. They will tell lies as to weaken you. They will search for things they can use against you. They have called me names and it didn't work. Their next line of action is telling lies. Some keep saying that Chinasa Nworu and Nnennaya Anya are paying me to defend DOS. Till now, I am still left in wonder how much MNK paid me to have used my energy to defend him and the sanctity of Biafra.
But we can put these things to rest this moment. Whoever calls for equity must come with a clean hand. Some people that read me will think I am close to IPOB leadership. They will think I speak with IPOB leadership.
I want to say it here again that I Elochukwu Ohagi has not spoken with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu before. I have not spoken with Mazi Chika Edoziem, Chinaza Nworu or Nnennaya Anya before. I have never received any payment from IPOB before. I have never been briefed by anyone in the DOS. No one mandate me on what to write. What I write is completely as the spirit directs. It is only God that will take the glory for all my work. If you think DOS is paying millions of Biafrans that are defending IPOB, then you tell us how much MNK paid us before he was kidnapped and renditioned.
You infiltrators have a very big problem. You see every thing in the eyes of one Nigeria and judge people with your dubi-ous standard. This country have so much corrupted your minds that you think someone can't take up something voluntarily without being paid. You infiltrators were mostly PDP supporters before you infiltrated IPOB. Politicians paid you guys for years to write for them. Now you guys think we must have been paid to do what we are doing.
Listen, if we are paid, IPOB won't grow to this level. We are motivated by the need to end the corruption and injustice Niger!a has become. Niger!a have killed lots of people. Millions have died for a useless country to remain one, yet they kept dishing out deaths to people. The only hope we have for a better dignified life is Biafra. This is why we have decided to do what we are doing without pay. This is why we risk our lives to challenge the most corrupt country of the world. But you infiltrators think you can help dubi-ous politicians to end what we have given in years to build. No, it won't happen.
Your blackmails, lies and threats won't stop us. If you think you have payment records, bring it out and stop ranting. Then again, if you can't and want to swear under the GOD we serve that Elochukwu was paid by DOS, please come out and do that, or forever remain silent.
Somebody has to stand up to you dubi-ous men and women for the sake of the people of God.
Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher and Activist, 2022.

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