List Of lies Told By Dave Umahi, Simon Ekpa's Ally and Sponsor of autopilot Iduu .

Birds of thesame feather all flocks Together fake lives everywhere.| #anyikingsofficial
Confirmed lies from , immediate past governor of Ebonyi State, David Umahi:
1. I became a billionaire at 25. _______ He got employed into a construction company at the age of 27. Billionaires aren't mere workers in other people's firms. In 2007, he's driving only a Rav4 jeep, a supposed billionaire.
2. Sam Egwu, Anyim Pius Anyim, Obinna Ogba etc are my children. ____________ Sam Egwu gave him an apartment at the Presidential Lodge, Abakaliki in 2003 when his Uburu brothers burnt his home. Anyim as SGF gave him PDP ticket against Elechi in 2015. Obinna Ogba took him to Arthur Eze who lent him N4billion in 2015 to contest election. Now, these supposed children of his came together and removed him as governor midway into his 2nd term.
3. I have constructed the best stadium in the sub-saharan Africa in Ebonyi State. __________ He only retouched the existing Abakaliki Township Stadium which doesn't have a working toilet till today.
4. Ebonyi concrete road system will last for over 50 years. _______ A year after construction, he has begun to rehabilitate the roads.
5. The Justice Ekwo Inyang hasn't right to sack me. I remain governor of Ebonyi State. _____ He has already appealed the judgement of Ekwo and awaiting hearing of the Appeal Court on stay of execution.
6. I am a devoted Christian. I don't have any other God apart from the one in heaven. _______ When he joined APC and had issues with stakeholders of Ebonyi PDP, former Senate President, Anyim Pius Anyim revealed that he, David Umahi buried fetish things around the Udensi Roundabout which he organized a dinner to worship once in a year. Immediately after that revelation, Umahi stopped it and never refuted the claim.
Below are the lies he'll soon tell:
1. I was the one who convinced Gen. Sani Abacha to create Ebonyi State in 1996.
___________ In 1996, he's still squatting with his elder brother, Obi Umahi in Portharcourt as a worker in a construction company.
2. My mother was one of the founding elders of Ebonyi State.
________________________ His mother was at the time mining salt locally at the Uburu salt lake.
3. Our family was made before I became governor with my brothers all millionaires.____________________ His immediate elder brother, Roy was a DC coordinator under Gov. Elechi. He's just driving a rickety Peugeot vehicle. His immediate younger brother, Austin before 2015 was an accounting officer at a company in Portharcourt with a monthly salary and allowances of N470,000. They only started building houses in Abakaliki and Portharcourt from 2016 when their brother had won election as Governor.
4. In my time as governor I never owed any civil servant and pensioner.
_______________ Just because he's sitting on a keg of gunpowder, he two days ago ordered for the payment of salaries of workers and gratuities of pensioners owed them for months now and until now have not been so paid.
5. All my children schooled in Nigeria. ________________ His first son, Osborne schooled in the UK and lived in an Ezza man's house in the UK, Dr Nnanna Igwe who's the Chairman of Ohaneze Ndigbo in London.
Investigative report by Anyi Kings March 31,2022

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