List Of some Countries That Helped Nigeria InThe Civil War Against Biafra And How They Helped.

When You Hear Them Boasting Of Nigeria / Biafra War, Ask Them who Fought The War?
Including Egypt and Cameron.
Russia : 2 Fighter Jets and 3 Armour Tanks.
Burma (Manyamar): 2000 Veteran Soldiers and guns.
Slovakia (Czech): Two 129 Delfin fighter jets.
Poland: 1 Krakow war ship.
USSR: 15 MIG Bombers.
Norwegian: 2000 cases of Ammunition
Germany: 1 Navy ship containing 300 tonnes of 60mm and 90mm ammo, ten 6 mm recoilless rifles and 2 High explosive anti tank war head they bought 8 mark2 bombers at $105000 each and 15 sabre mk jets at $100000 each.
Ghana: A navy boat (sakumo lagoon) containingn1000 bullets cases.
UK: 1 cargo plane containing 1000 automatic fabriquenational rifles.
Niger and Chad: Over 9000 Foot soldiers known as the Sweepers.
Countries that helped Biafra.
Haiti: Clothes and Food which the Nigeria government seized.
Gabon: Food which the Nigeria Government seized.
NB: No Country helped Biafra with weapons.
98% of the weapons they used were locally made.
They seized a Nigeria fighter jet and made 2 replicas of it. They built their armoured tank , Short and long range missile, Grenades, B26 bombers
The first country to locally make and use of the Flame thrower.
Military cars that use palm oil as fuel
Of shore switch
Mine bombs
The famous Ogbunigwe ( the only non nuclear explosive device that generate 0.6 magnitude of earth tremor with out nuclear fission.
And many more.
Chiukwu Okike Abiama bless Biafra!
Chiukwu Okike Abiama bless Igbo bu Igbo
Proudly an Igbo-Biafran.
Shame on Nigeria the so called giant of Africa hahaha keep sharing.

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