The Leader Of The Indigenous People Of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is the Man that has the power to stop the war between Nigeria and Biafrans.
Mazi nnamdi kanu will stop the killings of Biafrans in Nigeria Which started since 1967.
But some enemies will always try to destroy him.
The book of spiritual freedom {chapter 1-10 -27}
1| Behold A Prince shall arise amongst them to save the lives of his people.
2| Happy are those who will listened to him for they shall know the truth and the truth shall set them free from their mental slavery to permanent freedom.
3| Those who come to him will not be Sincere,
They gather bad news about him and then go out and tell it everywhere.
All who hate Him whisper to each other about him.
4| His ancestors are happy for him in the land of the dead.
5| Everyday his opponents will attack him there are so many who fight spiritually against Him, but many of his enemies will die before there time, some of them will die from a deadly virus, and many others will died by heart attack.
The PRINCE will live and see his enemies perished.
6| The Prince will work day and night to convinced his people against mental slavery, injustice and corruption.
The Prince in his wisdom will format the brain's of his people against false marriag mentality, then the Prince will singlehandedly install a new memory in their brain in other to prepare them for the new nation called Biafra.
For those of you who said i have been brainwashed by Mazi nnamdi kanu, yes thank you, I am happy that he brainwashed me now I have a Big memory of truth.
7| Many people called him all sorts of Names such as...
-Anu ohia
-Onye Nzuzu
-Onye Apari.
😎 He will denied himself pleasure for the sake of his people because he is on a divine mission.
9|The Prince shall live long.
10| He most achieve his Mission.
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is powerful
He will live long isee isee iseee !!!

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