Monogamous And Polygamous Marriage Have Same Consequences #anyikingsofficial

I oppose the view that discourages polygamous marriage for the fear of family crises. Because family crises are even more rampant in monogamous marriages .There are more cases of divorce and broken home in monogamous marriages than in polygamous marriage.
While polygamous marriages gives room for competition from both wives and children . Monogamous marriages gives room for entitlement right and laziness .
I also disagree with the people who are of the view that polygamous marriage should be for the riches alone that are capable of taking the financial responsibility of his wives for peace to reign.
This is Because there are a lot of rich men with just one wife but the family home is a hell due to family crises emanating from husband , wife or even from children uncontrollable.
While there are some very poor men with numerous wives living peacefully with both wives and children, everyone struggling to make end meet for himself and for their mothers side while the man of the house only after himself and peace reigns supreme.
Not denying the facts that there are cases of extreme family crises from polygamous marriages from both the poor and the riches in most cases are coursed by competition.
And if you as a man of the house are gifted with wisdom you can control the situation in your family.
Same way if you lack this wisdom even as monogamy you will still not be able to maintain peace and control your family whether you are rich or poor .
Therefore before you venture into any marriage make sure you are matured enough pray for the grace of God for wisdom to handle family matters in order have peace in your family.
All you need is wisdom .. money is important but it is secondary.

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